3 LED Light Kit Aputure Light Storm LS-mini 20 Flight with Stands

LS-20 Flight Mini Kit is a set of three LED lamps extremely mobile, which will arrange a small movie set almost anywhere.



LS-20 Flight Mini Kit is a set of three LED lamps extremely mobile, which will arrange a small movie set almost anywhere.
Small but powerful
LS Series lamps Mini-20 despite its small size amaze power generated light. COB LED diode placed in the LS-20d Mini allows you to get up to the intensity of 40,000 lux (at a distance of 0.5 m) while maintaining a small current consumption.

Full control of the LS-20 mini by design allow you to fully control flux of the emitted light. In addition to precise control of lamp power employ a Fresnel lens to allow the dispersion of the light beam at a selected angle (20 ° – 80 °). For even better control lamps are also equipped with a gate, allowing the cut-off part of the flow.
Excellent quality indeterminately
The excellent color reproduction of the emitted light provide a high CRI values ​​of coefficients and TLCI. They determine the degree of similarity of the generated light spectrum of natural sunlight and are in the range from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the better the donated colors are illuminated objects – they look natural. The value at a level above 96 guarantees color fidelity and depth of tone dedicated correctly.
The color temperature for any occasion
The kit LS-20 mini Flight Kit includes a mini lamp LS-20d generating light with a color temperature of 7500 K and LS-mini 20c of variable color temperature (in the range of 3200 – 6500 K). This combination lamps and a set of filters CTO allow you to adjust the nature of light to almost any existing conditions.
Smart Cooling System
lamps Aputure Mini LS-20 equipped with an intelligent cooling system, which effectively protects them from overheating and ensures long life. The use of fans with high culture of work is of great importance for film sets, where silence is required.
Elegant design and compact lamps Aputure
Mini LS-20 has an elegant design done in black and red colors. Their components are made from the highest quality components. Not without significance is the low weight and compact design that users will appreciate especially when working outdoors.
Many ways to power
The biggest advantage of the lamps of a series of mini-LS-20 is their low energy consumption and compatibility with multiple power sources. LS-mini 20 may be powered either from the electrical network using the power source as batteries (V-Mount / Anton Bauer / NP-F) and a USB port (5 V, 2 A). As a result, with equal success will prove they are in the studio or in the field.
case and a set of racks
The kit LS-20 mini Flight Kit, outside the same lamps, includes three light stands with cover for transport snuggled lamp case and a set of accessories.

– model LS-mini 20d – light intensity (maximum): – 0.5 m: 40000 lx (focused beam)
– 0.5 m:

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 29 × 58 × 34 cm







2 years