A magnifying viewfinder for the GGS Viewfinder Swivi S3 display

GGS LCD viewfinder Swivi x3 is a high quality modular viewfinder LCD screens



GGS LCD viewfinder Swivi x3 is a high quality modular viewfinder to the LCD, designed for filming and kompaktami VDLSR SLR with interchangeable lenses (compatible see below *). Viewfinder provides 3-fold magnification, so framing and manual sharpening no longer a problem. Large comfortable eyecups allows comfortable operation even in the most sunny days. If you need a quick return to the standard display mode simply release the lock and lift up the magnifying glass. The display remains shielded from the glare.
Swivi GGS LCD x3 viewfinder diopter is adjustable to +/- 3 diopter and aperture lockable to protect the display from the sun during breaks in filming.
Simple and intuitive viewfinder mounting is carried by a plate screwed to the rack on the camera. Tile has its own three socket ¼ “for mounting on a tripod or monopod. Adjust mounting in three dimensions allows you to adjust the device to almost any camera.
Rubber Eyecup has a function to reverse fixing, which ensures easy operation of both the left and right eye.
The design of the plates allows for the immediate taking out the viewfinder, without the need unscrew the plate on the camera.
GGS Swivi viewfinder LCD display fits x3 3 “aspect ratio 4: 3 and 3: 2.
the system includes a bow that allows detaching the viewfinder neck after unplugging from the plate and an additional mounting frame to be used, eg. with cameras with a vertical grip.
* For full comfort with visor, it is necessary to tightly frame adjacent to the display apparatus. Frame Dimensions: 66 x 50 mm.
– Recovery: the display 3 “4: 3/3: 2 (frame size 66 x 50 mm)
– Construction The optical lens 3 in the group 1
– Zoom : 3x
– diopter correction: +/- 3
– transmission: 90%
– total weight: 370 g
– Color: black
– GGS Swivi viewfinder LCD x3
– mounting plate
– Additional mounting frame (adjustment range 8cm)

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 11 × 23 cm







2 years