Adapter Commlite CoMix CM-EF-EOSM – Canon EF / Canon EF-M

Commlite bayonet adapter Canon EF – Canon EF-M lens of the electronic transfer.


The bayonet adapter Commlite EF – EF-M to the transfer of electronic lens.
lens system compatible with a Canon EOS EF / EF-S and bodies Canon EF-M (EOS M).

adapter allows for the use of the system Canon EF and EF-S cameras with bayonet EF-M. The adapter is mounted on the bayonet of the camera body in a similar way in which the lenses are mounted. Then, the lens is mounted in the bayonet adapter.

The adapter has an electronic system and terminals for communicating with the camera lens. As a result, the lens AF motor running, the transfer of information and iris control, optional image stabilization.

The focus and aperture camera can be selected automatically. Parameters in manual mode can be changed using buttons on the body. After the founding of Canon’s lens system with this adapter, the camera will recognize the lens with full support auto focus, iris control and stability.

The device will check both in shooting and recording.

Adapter a clamp screw (1/4 “) so that it is possible to mount the camera lens and heavy tripod. It is completely safe for the lens and camera. Its installation is simple and fast. It is made extremely carefully, with durable metal.

– Compatible with cameras: Canon EOS series cameras M
– Compatible with lenses: lenses system Canon EF / EF S

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 11 × 5 cm







2 years