Adapter Commlite CoMix CM-NF-NEX – Nikon F / Sony E

Commlite bayonet adapter Nikon F [i / AiS]> Sony body E, ring adjustment apertures.

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Commlite bayonet adapter Nikon F [i / AiS] & gt, Sony body E, ring adjustment apertures.

The adapter allows for the use of the system Nikon F cameras Sony E. bayonet adapter is installed on the dipstick E Sony camera in a similar manner of mounting the lenses. Then Nikon mount lens is mounted in the bayonet adapter.

The focus and aperture (in most lenses) is set manually on the lens, while the shutter speed can be set in the camera manually (manual mode) or automatically ( Av mode) depending on the camera model. In addition, the adapter is equipped with a ring for adjusting the aperture lenses without aperture ring.

adapter is completely safe for the lens and camera. does not cause shorting in the camera body. Its installation is very simple and fast. Sensational made of durable metal.

Fixing: Sony E Nikon F
Other changing ring aperture
material: metal
Compatibility: and video cameras Sony E bayonet

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Dimensions 9 × 11 × 5 cm