Aputure LED lamp Nova P600c Kit

The Aputure Nova P600c is a 2×1 LED panel generating soft light with an impressive level of brightness. The lamp offers a maximum light intensity of up to 18346 lux and a huge range of colour temperature adjustment (2000 K – 10000 K). An unprecedented solution is used: the state-of-the-art RGBWW LEDs are divided into 4 independent zones for separate control.

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The Aputure Nova P600c is a 2×1 LED panel generating soft light with an impressive level of brightness. The lamp offers a maximum light intensity of up to 18346 lux and a huge range of colour temperature adjustment (2000 K – 10000 K). An unprecedented solution is used: the state-of-the-art RGBWW LEDs are divided into 4 independent zones for separate control. The curved fork handle, wireless controller, remote control via the Sidus Link app as well as DMX and LumenRadio technology and 300 effect foil imitation programmes are just some of the innovations that will help you realise all your amazing lighting ideas to build up the atmosphere of your films! Together with the Kit version of the lamp, you will also receive a professional transport case.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp

Main product features

  • professional RGBWW LED panel
  • impressive maximum output power of 600 W
  • maximum light intensity of 18366 lux (at a distance of 1 m at CCT 6500 K)
  • maximum light intensity of 18366 lux (at a distance of 1 m at CCT 6500 K)
  • wide colour temperature control range of 2000 K – 10000 K
  • colour control within 3 colour spaces: HSI, RGB and XY
  • over 300 imitation programmes for working with colour effect films
  • independent light engines for simultaneous display of different colours in 4 panel zones (when working with lighting effects or control via DMX)
  • two times more light than the Aputure Nova P300c
  • 75% brighter compared to the top of the range ARRI SkyPanel S60-C
  • infinitely adjustable light brightness from 1 to 100% (accurate to 0.1%)
  • controller with OLED screen equipped with ergonomic knobs and buttons
  • convenient mounting of the controller to the lamp via an 8-pin connector (no cable then required)
  • high CRI, TLCI and SSI coefficients ensure professional quality light used in film and photography
  • 19 pre-programmed special effects (including paparazzi, explosion, fireworks and party)
  • 4 brand new special effects using independent colour engines (Color Fade, Color Cycle, Color Gradient and One Color Chase)
  • compatible with the LumenRadio wireless transmission system
  • possibility of remote control from the Sidus Link app
  • wireless DMX transmission (8-bit and 16-bit) for lamp control from the app or full-size console
  • 28 predefined DMX profiles for different colour display systems
  • option to select one of 4 ways in which the lamp reacts to loss of DMX signal (fast fade, gradual dimming, continue with last settings, continue with last settings for 2 minutes and gradual fade)
  • Lead Follow Mode, in which a set of several lights can synchronise their settings with the Aputure Nova P600c
  • adapted to work with accessories used when working with light (softboxes, grids, gates, etc.)
  • possibility to remove the diffuser located on the front of the housing
  • improved fork mount for convenient angle adjustment
  • innovative Dual Tilt Lock lamp positioning system
  • equipped with a full-size 28 mm pin (Junior Pin) for convenient mounting on a lighting tripod

Impressive power

The Aputure Nova lamp offers impressive power deposits that double the performance of its big sister, the Nova P300c. With a 120° angle of illumination and a CCT of 6500 K, the unit can emit as much as 18366 lux (at a distance of 1 metre)! This is one of the brightest soft light emitting LED panels you can buy! The combination of 600 W output power and a wide beam angle will effectively illuminate both large rooms and outdoor locations.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp- Impressive Power

4 independent operating zones

The Nova P600c is the first Aputure device to feature independent light controllers to manage the operation of individual LEDs within 4 zones. Thanks to such an innovative solution, the panel can be divided into sections displaying different colours of light that intermingle or change. In the four working zones, you will also benefit from the completely new special effects Color Fade, Color Cycle, Color Gradient and One Color Chase. Convenient and efficient operation with this state-of-the-art technology will be ensured by remote control via DMX transmission.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - 4 independent operating zones

Precision colour temperature control

The technology used in the Aputure Nova lamp has achieved an extended CCT range between 2000 K and 10000 K. The colour temperature here can be adjusted not only for white light, but also within the HSI colour system. This provides infinite possibilities for image creation and adaptation to changing lighting conditions. The Aputure Nova P600c goes beyond the capabilities of conventional lamps, allowing it to produce light warmer than conventional tungsten lamps and cooler than typical daylight (D55). There is also green and magenta colour correction, allowing colours to be even more accurately matched to specific needs and eliminating any imperfections.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - Precision Colour Temperature Control

Magic of coloured light

The innovative RGBWW chipset used in the Aputure lamp provides significantly better results than typical RGB and RGBW LED designs. The Nova P600c offers colour control within 3 colour spaces: HSI, RGB and XY. This provides millions of combinations of settings to precisely match the needs of your shots. The lamp also has a built-in library of over 300 presets that simulate the most commonly used gel filters in the film industry. Excellent colour reproduction and depth of tone of the emitted light are guaranteed by high CRI, TLCI and SSI values.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - The magic of coloured light

Even more special effects

Among the innovations offered by the Aputure Nova P600c LED flash, there is no shortage of the built-in library of 15 special effects, which have already been appreciated by filmmakers working with the Nova P300c in the past. Impressive combinations of flashes and changing colours allow you to use such simulations as: Fireworks, Paparazzi, Faulty Bulb, Lightning, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion, Club Lights, Candle, Fire, Welding, Cop Car, Color Chase, Party Lights. There are also new special effects using 4 independent panel zones. Amazing transitions and colour changes (Color Fade, Color Cycle, Color Gradient and One Color Chase) will allow you to create even more spectacular shots!

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - Even more special effects


Precise positioning of a lamp installed on a tripod is ensured by an improved fork mount. Aputure’s designers have improved the design known from the Nova P300c, reaching for proven and appreciated solutions similar to those used on the LS 600d Pro and 600x Pro lights. The curved handle allows more comfortable work with light modifiers such as softboxes, grids or gates. The bracket also offers a robust Dual Tilt Lock system, which will hold the flash in one position even when you reach for heavier accessories. The flash also features a full-size 28mm pin (Junior Pin) for convenient mounting on professional lighting tripods.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - New, Better Handle

Innovative controller

Another innovation that improves the comfort and convenience of working with light on set is a controller equipped with an OLED screen and ergonomic dials and buttons. In a second, you plug it into a special socket located on the rear panel of the lamp. Thanks to the 8-pin connector, you do not need to connect the controller with a cable, thus gaining better ergonomics. However, if you decide to operate the lamp from a greater distance and do not want to use wireless connectivity, you will also find a professional XLR cable with a length of 3 metres included.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - Innovative Controller

Integrated power supply

In order to reduce the time required to get the unit ready for use, as well as to increase ergonomics, Aputure’s engineers aimed to hide the power supply inside the lamp housing. Finally, you can say goodbye to the extra module tangled under your feet! There’s also a 3-pin XLR input (DC 48 V / 15 A), which is compatible with a wide range of mobile power options – from block batteries to 48 V power stations. If you do not have access to a standard mains electricity supply and want to avoid using noisy power generators at the same time, this will be the perfect solution!

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - Integrated Power Supply

The Aputure Nova P600c couldn’t miss integration with the proprietary Sidus Mesh ecosystem, which allows the lights to be controlled using the Sidus Link app. It is available completely free from the App Store, Google Play, Mi App Store and Huawei App Gallery. With the help of the app, it is possible to control both a single light source and a whole group of them. It allows access to almost all functions of the physical controller, making working on a film or shooting set even more convenient.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Light

Remote control

The Sidus Link app is not the only way to remotely control the lamp or the entire light setup. The Nova P600c does not lack solutions known from professional equipment used on film and photography sets. On the housing of the lamp, you will find a 5-pin DMX512 port. It will ensure cooperation with the DMX system (8-bit and 16-bit), which will allow you to control the device from special applications or a full-size console. Under the casing, there is also the LumenRadio CRMX module. The standard appreciated by lighting professionals from all over the world will allow you to enter an even higher level of light control!

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - Remote Control

Compatible modifiers

Want to further expand your beam control capabilities and give yourself even more versatility with the Nova P600c panel? Additional accessories will come to the rescue. Aputure’s light-enhancing tools, grids and softboxes are easily installed on your flash in just seconds. The manufacturer is already announcing a whole series of accessories compatible with the Nova P600c, as well as providing compatibility with a series of modifiers from the DoPchoice and Chimera brands.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Light - Compatible Modifiers


Convenient transport and safe storage of the lamp is made possible by a practical, travel case on wheels. It can accommodate the lamp and all additional accessories. It is made of extremely hard material. The interior is filled with laser-cut foam for additional safety. Wheels and telescopic handle will make it easy to move the Nova P300c lamp from one set to another.

Aputure Nova P600c Kit LED Lamp - Solid Case


  • model: Aputure Nova P600c Kit
  • colour temperature: 2000 K – 10000 K
  • additional colour adjustment: green / magenta (± 1.00 G)
  • colour modes: HSI, RGB, XY, Gels (simulation of effect film application)
  • CRI: ≥ 95
  • TLCI: ≥ 95
  • CQS: ≥ 95
  • SSI (Tungsten): ≥ 84
  • SSI (D56): ≥ 74
  • TM-30 RF: 95 (averaged value)
  • TM-30 RG: 103 (averaged value)
  • angle of illumination: 120°
  • maximum power output: 600 W
  • maximum power consumption: 720 W
  • Working current:
    • AC: 100 V – 240 V / 4.5 A
    • DC: 48 V / 15 A
  • Power supply: 48 V / 15 A
  • Cables:
    • power supply: Neutrik® powerCON True1 Top AC power cable (6 m)
    • lamp: 5-pin XLR cable (3 m)
    • <

  • operating temperature: – 20°C – 45°C
  • Controls:
    • controller with OLED screen
    • Sidus Link application
    • 5-pin DMX512 port
    • LumenRadio CRMX
  • Communications:
    • Bluetooth 5.0 (Sidus Mesh)
    • LumenRadio CRMX
  • Software update:
    • USB (FAT16 / FAT32)
    • Sidus Link
  • cooling: active cooling system
  • Lighting tripod mounting: 28 mm pin (Junior Pin)
  • accessory mounting point: Nova P600c Accessory Slot
  • LED life expectancy: 50000 h
  • Dimensions:
    • lamp (with bracket): 80.20 x 48.15 x 17.96 cm
    • lamp (without handle): 63.97 x 28.49 x 16.58 cm
    • panel surface: 63.97 x 28.49 cm
    • controller: 15.75 x 9.66 x 4.58 cm
    • Lightning Clamp mounting bracket: 10.35 x 8.74 x 12.5 cm
  • Weight:
    • lamp: 13.74 kg
    • controller: 0.43 kg

Kit contents

  • Nova P600c lamp
  • Nova P600c controller
  • Neutrik® powerCON True Top power cable (6 m)
  • 5-pin XLR cable (3 m)
  • Lightning Clamp mounting bracket
  • transport case


CCT / Distance 1 m 2 m 3 m
2700 K 14586 lx 1850 lx 725 lx
3200 K 15240 lx 1936 lx 746 lx
4300 K 15533 lx 1945 lx 758 lx
5600 K 17520 lx 2167 lx 847 lx
6500 K 18346 lx 2298 lx 867 lx

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