Aputure Nova P300c LED light

The Nova P300c is a 300W RGBWW LED Soft Light, and is also the first product in Aputure “Nova” Professional LED Panel product line. The P300c utilizes warm white and cool white LEDs, in addition to the typical RGB chipset used in color-mixing lights. This chipset increases its output, skin tone accuracy, and tonal variety compared to other RGB or RGBW LED fixtures, making it suited for any filmmaking environment. Combining the stellar color quality with an intense output of over 9,000lux at 1 meter, a CCT range of 2,000K-10,000K, and a peak tungsten SSI of 85, the Nova is Aputure’s most versatile light to date.




The Nova P300c is capable of outputting over 9,000 lux, at a distance of 1 meter, while maintaining a wide 120° beam angle. By combining this intense output with the wide beam angle of a soft light source and 0-100% stepless dimming control, the P300c can easily fill large areas, allowing you to control the ambient lighting of your entire scene instantly.


The Nova P300c features the most extensive expanded bi-color range of any Aputure light, capable of producing white light from 2,000K to 10,000K. The P300c also features the ability to adjust the white light’s green-magenta shift while in CCT mode, allowing you to match ambient lighting or manipulate the scene to your choosing.


Using a unique blend of color-accurate LEDs in this newer LED chipset, the Nova P300c achieves a tungsten SSI score of 85, and a D55 daylight SSI score of 74, outperforming equivalent industry-standard lights. And like all Aputure lights, the Nova P300c produces impeccable CRI and TLCI values of 95+ — even with a color temperature range of 2,000 to 10,000 kelvin.


By using an RGBWW chipset that results in higher quality color mixing and spectral reproduction than typical RGB and RGBW LED fixtures, the Nova P300c can produce more than 90% of the colors within the Rec.2020 color space. The P300c features HSI, RGB, and industry-standard X,Y color controls, allowing for up to 1 billion color combinations and precise color matching. The Nova P300c even has a built-in preset library of over 300 industry-standard gels, for ease of access and fast-paced shooting environments.


The Nova P300c utilizes a built-in power supply to support its 300W light engine, reducing the overall weight of the fixture, and simplifying the user experience. The P300c also utilizes a lightweight aluminum shell and yoke, and the same dual junior/baby pin featured on the Spotlight Mount, making it compatible with nearly any stand or rigging hardware.


Unlike other fixtures, the Nova P300c uses an extendable handheld control box that connects to the light via a 5-pin XLR cable. With both a shorter 0.6m and a longer 3m head cable, the control box can be neatly mounted onto the rear of the panel for quick, compact setups, or snapped into the Lighting Clamp on a stand when rigging the fixture out of arm’s reach.   Featuring an OLED display with three control knobs that allow users to fluidly move throughout the menu and adjust lighting parameters, the handheld control box provides a more ergonomic user experience. The control box also has four user-adjustable preset buttons to save and recall lighting parameters from any mode quickly.


Like other professional Aputure lights, the Nova P300c includes built-in 5-pin DMX512 and Sidus Mesh compatibility. Users can select one of the Nova’s several DMX profiles for more complex programming or use Sidus Mesh technology to control the P300c using any Sidus Link compatible smartphone or iPad, without any separate hardware modules.


The Nova P300c is Aputure’s first light to accept a wider 24V to 48V DC input range. Using a 4-pin XLR DC input, the Nova is compatible with a wide range of battery power options, from block batteries to 48V power stations, such as the Aputure 2- Bay Battery Power Station. With a variety of power solutions, the Nova can follow you into any filmmaking challenge.

• 300W RGBWW LED Soft Light Panel
• Up to 9000lux at 1 meter
• CRI & TLCI >95+
• Soft 120° Beam Angle
• Fully Tunable CCT from 2000K to 10000K
• Tunable Green-Magenta Adjustment in CCT Mode (Full Plus/Minus Green)
• RGB Color Tunability with Hue, Saturation & Intensity Control
• Industry-standard X,Y (CIE 1931): Color Coordinate Adjustment to Match Other Lights
• >90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
• 300+ Industry-Standard Gel Presets Built-in
• 15 Built-in Lighting FX: Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi, Candle, Fire, etc.
• User-Programmable Presets
• Stepless Dimming from 0 to 100 % with no color shift
• User Programmable Presets
• Sidus Link App Compatible (Sidus Mesh ™ )
• Onboard 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
• Extendable Control Box w/ Lightning Clamp QR Plate
• 0.6m & 3m-long Head Cables for Flexibility & Organization
• 4-Pin XLR DC 24V(15A)-48V(7.5A) Battery Input
• Built-in Internal Ballast
• Neutrik powerCON Locking Power Cables
• Dual Junior/Baby Pin (28mm/16mm) for Mounting on Any Stand
• Handbrake-locking Yoke with 360° Tilt
• Accessory Slot Compatible with Nova P300c Softbox & DOPchoice RABBIT-EARS®
• Optional Hard Shell Rolling Case
• Compatible with Aputure 48V Battery Power Stations (*Sold Separately)
Delivery Content
• Light
• Control Box
• Lightning Clamp
• 5-Pin Male-toFemale XLR Head Cable (3m)

• Neutrik® powerCON AC Power Cable (6m)


CCT 2,000K – 10,000K
Color Modes HSI, RGI, XY, Gels
CRI 95+ (2,500K – 10,000K)
TLCI 95+ (2,500K – 10,000K)
CQS 92-97+ (2,5000K, – 10,00K)
SSI (D55) 74
SSI (Tungesten) 85
Native Beam Angle 120°
Operating Temperature -10~45°C
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Operating Current 4 Amps
Power Input 360W Maximum
Power Output 360W Maximum
Control Methods On-board, SidusLink (SidusMesh™), 5-Pin DMX512
Battery Operating Voltage Range DC 24-48V (4-Pin XLR)
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Accessory Mount Nova P300c Drop-in Accessory Slot
Mounting 16mm/28mm | 5/8in (Baby Pin)/1.125in (Junior Pin)
Weight (Light) 10.35kg / 22.82lbs
Weight (Control Box) 0.45kg / 0.94lbs
Weight (Kit w/ Case) 24.4kg / 53.8lbs
Dimensions (Panel Surface) 39.9*27.1cm / 15.71*10.67in
Dimensions (Light) 56.19*45.7*16.6cm / 22.1*18.0*6.53in
Dimensions (Control Box) 9.66*15.75*4.63cm / 3.8*6.2*1.82in
Dimensions (Kit w/ Case) 69.4*59.3*28.6cm / 27.32*23.35*11.26in


CCT Distance 1m 3m 5m
2700K Lux 7,450 890 350
2700K Footcandles 692 83 33
3200K Lux 8,200 960 370
3200K Footcandles 762 89 34
4300K Lux 8,600 1,000 395
4300K Footcandles 799 93 37
5500K Lux 9,000 1,100 430
5500K Footcandles 836 102 40
6500K Lux 8,550 1,020 400
6500K Footcandles 795 95 37

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