Battery Pack Newell BG-E8 for Canon

The Newell BG-E8 Battery Grip for Canon 550D. Shooting in the vertical mode with a battery grip is more comfortable and less tiring. It will allow you focus it on the frame. Our item has all the functions / buttons of the original item.

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Newell BG-E8 is a high quality, fully functional replacement for the Canon grip. It is distinguished by its precise workmanship, perfectly matched centre of gravity and a profile that ensures the highest comfort when working with the camera. It grips securely, especially when using large lenses or shooting vertically. It has a comfortable rubber finish on all sides in contact with the hand.

Allows the use of one or two LP-E8 type batteries. An alternative power supply is AA batteries, which can be inserted into the grip using a special case (supplied). When using the Ni-MH battery box, it provides better camera performance in cold temperatures and emergency power in the event that a charger is not available. 

The Newell BG-E8 has all the features familiar from the original Canon grip: two-position shutter button, setting dial, AF lock / EF / thumbnail / zoom button and AF field selection / zoom button). Its underside also features a thread for attaching the camera to a tripod and a place to attach a wrist strap.

Dedication: Canon EOS 550D
Power supply: one or two LP-E8 rechargeable batteries or 6 AA-type rechargeable batteries/batteries.
Camera controls: command dial, function buttons, two-level trigger.
Other: tripod mounting thread, wrist strap attachment.
Included: rechargeable battery cartridge and AA batteries

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Dimensions 9 × 15 × 12 cm