Battery Pack Newell MB-D14 for Nikon

Newell The MB-D14 Battery Grip for Nikon D600. Shooting in the vertical mode with a battery grip is more comfortable and less tiring. It will allow you focus it on the frame. Our item has all the functions / buttons of the original item.

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The Newell MB-D14 is a great quality grip/battery pack for the Nikon D600.

The grip features a two-stage shutter button, setting wheels, directional joystick – just like the original Nikon grip.  A light press on the trigger allows you to focus, and pressing it all the way down triggers the shutter – just like on the camera itself.

The shape and design of the unit has been chosen to provide the greatest comfort when shooting both horizontally and vertically. The handle is covered with a special rubber material, which provides a comfortable and very secure grip. It also has a thread on its underside for attaching the camera to a tripod.
The grip allows the camera to be powered by one or two EN-EL15 batteries (one battery in the grip, the other in the camera), or by eight AA batteries. When using two batteries, cells from different manufacturers and with different capacities can be combined. The camera will then draw power first from one battery and then from the other.

The grip enables the camera to be held more securely, improves handling comfort when shooting in portrait mode and increases the number of shots that can be taken with one set of batteries.


  • Compatibility: Nikon D600
  • Power: rechargeable batteries type EN-EL15 or 6xAA/R6
  • Functions: two setting dials, joystick, AF-ON button, on/off switch, trigger, tripod mounting thread
  • Included: basket for AA batteries, contact cap, box

The device comes with a 24-month warranty.

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 15 × 12 cm


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