Controller + Flash Trigger Yongnuo YN622C-KIT for Canon

Yongnuo YN622-kitc. This set consisting of radio control TTL Yongnuo TX-622N and trigger YN-622C.

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Yongnuo YN622C-Kit. This set consisting of radio control TTL Yongnuo 622C-TX and trigger YN-622C.

Yongnuo 622C-TX is a wireless 2.4 GHz radio controller allows complete control over the flashes i-TTL triggers connected to the YN-622C. Coded transmission ensures effective range without interference up to 100 m. The machine LCD for comfortable changing parameters. In addition, support has an LED work autofocusu.

Yongnuo YN-622C is one of the most advanced radio triggers for system lamps (remote support features TTL) and studio lighting. It enables remote control of individual lamps or groups of lamps. With the range of 2.4 GHz, the extent of operation reaches 100 m.

The radio controller can operate in seven transmission channels, flash can be divided into three independently controlled groups. Thanks to this work, even with plenty of lamps will be comfortable. The unit is mounted directly on the hot shoe camera or line synchronization, it is additionally equipped with a PC terminal. Responsible for supply two batteries or rechargeable AA. Yongnuo 622C-TX enables the lamp or group of lamps in the automatic mode, the i-TTL mode, Super Sync or manual. It allows you to set the amount of flash, EV adjustment, and change the zoom flash, triggering flash on the front and rear curtain, and supports modeling flash. The controller has a USB port to update the internal software (downloadable from the manufacturer’s website).

Trigger a radio YN622C be perfect for professional hands, because of the full functionality. Satisfy the amateurs thanks to easy handling. Exceptional utility device will be used in an advanced photo studio, or when reportage outdoor session.

Each device YN-622 can operate both as a transmitter and the receiver. It has an easy control, and indicator lights, to facilitate the control of the groups of lamps. The big advantage is the reliability of operation, and high quality with a metal foot.

The set includes two devices, but it is possible to re-buy and work with any number of devices (for more advanced systems).

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Dimensions 5 × 14 × 14 cm