FeiyuTech AK2000S Gimbal Standard Kit

The FeiyuTech AK2000S Standard Kit is a gimbal that is in line with the spirit of the times, created in response to the ongoing mirrorless revolution. It uses the most modern components and proven solutions known from previous models. Its design has been optimised for the dimensions of mirrorless cameras and small SLR cameras. If you are shooting movies with these cameras, the AK2000S is the solution for you. It will make all your shots smooth and cinematic.

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Technical precision
The AK2000S model uses the most advanced manufacturer’s solutions. Three 16.8 volt brushless motors provide the necessary power and a lifting capacity of 2.2 kg. The advanced W6 algorithm guarantees Swiss precision with a margin of error below 0.05°. The modern 200 MHz Cortex M4 processor controls the entire process, making 20,000 calculations per second. Faster processor also means greater responsiveness of the device. Now only 2 seconds from switching on is enough for the gimbal to be ready for operation. A large battery built into the handle provides energy up to 14 hours of stability.

Practical design
The well-thought-out construction and materials used allowed to keep the small dimensions of the device. The folded gimbal is not bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, thanks to which it will fit into practically every bag or backpack. Lightweight aluminum alloys allowed to reduce the weight to only 1.2 kg, which translates into greater comfort during work and transport. Minimalist design and black anodized elements give the gimbal a professional, unobtrusive look. The whole is completed by an elegant handle finished with polished rosewood inserts.

Ergonomics of work
The lightweight construction of the AK2000S can be extended with additional accessories as required. Four 1/4″ tripod mountings allow the installation of an additional camera, lamp or monitor bracket. They can also be used to mount a cross mount included in the kit. This design allows you to work more conveniently when shooting a movie from a lower perspective. 1/4″ and 3/8″ mountings placed at the base of the gimbal allow to mount any tripod, monopod or plate.

Axle lock and new mounting system
To further simplify the daily use of gimbal and travelling, all axles are equipped with special traffic locks. They allow you to find the centre of gravity of the mounted camera in a flash and secure the device during transport. The new mounting platform enables quick installation of tiles in the popular Arca-Swiss standard, thanks to which the camera can be easily moved from gimbal to a tripod or monopod.

Modes and functions

The Gimbal FeiyuTech AK2000S offers five different stabilization modes that allow you to adjust the performance characteristics to your current needs.

– Panning mode – in this mode, the camera follows the panning motion of the bracket smoothly while maintaining a constant position in relation to the horizon line.

– Lock mode – the camera lens keeps a constant direction – panning on all axes is locked in a preset position.

– Tracking mode – in this mode, the camera follows the pan/tilt movement of the mount and up/down direction smoothly.

– Multi-axis tracking mode – in this mode, the camera lens follows the movement of the gimbal bracket smoothly in all three axes.

– Quick Reaction Mode – the camera follows the movement of the mount’s pan while maintaining a constant position relative to the horizon.

In addition to the modes, the device gives us numerous functions such as:

– Manual position setting – grab the camera to quickly set it in the desired direction.

– Autopanorama – set the camera movement between two points to create breathtaking timelaps.

– 360° Pan – let the camera rotate around the axis of the lens and capture familiar cinematic effects from Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

– Selfie – point the lens in your direction to record a vlogue or make a memorable selfie.

– Vertical and Horizontal Arrangement – change camera orientation to create portrait or classic films.

Simple and precise operation
Controlling the device is extremely simple and intuitive. Switching between operating modes and functions is done with dedicated buttons. Their ergonomic arrangement on the gimbal’s handle under the index finger and thumb ensures quick access at any time. The four-way joystick and the multifunctional knob provide precise control over movements. The latter can also control the focus or zoom of the connected camera or follow focus movements. The combination of gimbal with the camera also allows you to control the shutter release and start/ stop movie recording from the stabilizer buttons. Convenient navigation through operating modes, numerous functions and settings is ensured by a clear, tactile display located just above the joystick. The display not only informs about the operating mode, battery charge status or connected devices, but also provides an alternative method of device control.

Feiyu ON, WiFi and Bluetooth
For users of smartphones with Android and iOS systems the manufacturer has prepared a special mobile application Feiyu ON. It allows you to remotely control the gimbal via Bluetooth protocol and adjust its parameters. After connecting the smartphone with the camera, using WiFi, we also gain remote control over the camera settings from the stabilizer (the list of compatible cameras is available on the manufacturer’s website), which gives much more comfort during the recording of shots.

Safe transportation
The stiffened suitcase included in the set ensures convenient and safe transport of gimbal together with its accessories. It increases the comfort of gimbal’s use and allows to maintain ergonomics and work order.

model: FeiyuTech AK2000S Standard Kit
weight: 1100 g (without accessories)
power supply: built-in battery (up to 14 hours on a single charge)
Load capacity: up to 2200 g (when properly balanced)
the range of rotation of the axles:
Tilt: 230°
Roll: 360°
Mr.: 360°
4 1/4″ female tripod mountings
1 1/4″ female tripod mountings on the transversal mount
1 female tripod mountings 3/8″
colour: black

mirrorless cameras
small DSLRs

Set contents
Gimbal AK2000S
Traverse handle
USB cable – USB-C
USB cable – micro USB 2.0
USB cable – micro USB 3.0
USB-C cable – multi USB (Sony)
USB-C cable – micro Jack (Panasonic)



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