FeiyuTech G6 Max for smartphones, action cameras and mirrorless cameras

FeiyuTech G6 Max is the most versatile gimbal in the manufacturer’s offer, created for people who appreciate both the quality of recorded material and freedom of movement. A sports camera, a smartphone, a compact camera or maybe a mirrorless gimbal? No matter what you film, if you hate the limitations of G6 Max is the solution for you!

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One to stabilize them all

The Gimbal G6 Max was designed by FeiyuTech engineers to compromise between film quality and weight and mobility. The stabilizer’s mounting platform allows you to mount a wide range of devices from sports cameras to telephones to small cameras weighing up to 1.2 kg. To make editing easier, you will find a telephone holder and an adapter for the GoPro system included with the gimbal. The platform is also equipped with a quick installation system, thanks to which you can quickly put on or take off the camera.

Axle lock for freedom of travel

G6 Max is the successor to the well known G6 Plus. FeiyuTech engineers, based on their experience and user feedback, have made several improvements that make the daily use of gimbal even easier and more enjoyable. The G6 Max has been given a new engine, which has increased its load capacity by up to 50% compared to its predecessor. The design changes also allowed for a reduction in stabilizer dimensions by one fifth. Special locks placed on each gimbal’s axis allow to block their rotation, thanks to which transport and balancing are even easier.

Five stabilization modes and numerous functions

Changes were made not only in the components of the device themselves, but also in its software. New improved algorithms translate into smoother, more natural operation. G6 Max offers five different stabilization modes that will allow you to customize the performance of the device to your needs.

– Panning mode – in this mode, the camera/camera follows the rotation of the handle smoothly while maintaining a constant position relative to the horizon.

– Lock mode – the camera/camera lens keeps a constant direction – rotation on all axes is locked in a preset position.

– Tracking mode – in this mode, the camera/camera follows the pan movement of the mount and up/down direction smoothly.

– Multi-axis tracking mode – the camera/camera lens follows the movement of gimbal’s grip smoothly in all three axes.

– Quick Reaction Mode – The camera/camera follows the movement of the handle quickly while maintaining a constant position relative to the horizon.

Apart from the modes, the device gives us numerous functions such as:

– Manual position setting – grab the camera to quickly set it in the desired direction.

– Autopanorama – set the camera movement between two points to create a breathtaking Timelaps.

– 360° Pan – let the camera rotate around the axis of the lens and capture familiar cinematic effects from Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

– Selfie – point the lens in your direction to give your friends a comment or make a memorable selfie.

– Vertical and Horizontal Arrangement – change camera orientation to create portrait or classic films.

Control in one place

FeiyuTech G6 Max is equipped with a Blutooth module, WiFi and a USB port located on the gimbal’s mounting platform. They will allow you to connect to your phone and camera to make filming even more enjoyable. Now you can trigger the shutter, start or end the recording from the buttons on the gimbal mount. With the Feiyu ON mobile app you can also remotely control the stabilizer settings.

Intuitive operation

Despite the multitude of functions offered, controlling the device is extremely simple and intuitive. It is done with the function buttons, joystick and knob located in comfortable places on the gimbal’s handle. The current status of the device is indicated by a clear display. It takes just a moment to learn all the functions it offers.

Not afraid of rain and dust.

The arms and structural elements of the stabiliser are made of lightweight yet durable aluminium alloy. The black finish gives the gimbal a professional yet discreet, unobtrusive look. The G6 Max handle has been coated with rubber and all joints of the gimbal have been sealed to ensure comfort and safety in all weather conditions. The built-in rechargeable battery will allow you to enjoy continuous operation for a full 9 hours. If 9 hours is not enough for you, connect the stabilizer to the power bank and work as much as you want!

– model: FeiyuTech G6 Max
– weight: 665 g (without accessories)
– power supply: built-in battery (up to 9 hours on a single charge)
– load capacity: up to 1200 g
– 2 USB-C ports
– WiFi and Bluetooth module
– 3 1/4″ female tripod mountings
– colour: black

– sports cameras
– smartphones
– compact cameras*
– small mirrorless cameras*

Set contents
– gimbal G6 Max
– USB cable – USB-C
– drain cable set
– gimbala stand
– smartphone mount
– GoPro adapter
– GoPro system mounting screw
– bracelet

*A list of compatible cameras is available on the manufacturer’s website.

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