FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 multifunctional blower – blue

The KiCA JetFan 2 is the next iteration of the airborne Swiss Army Knife from FeiyuTech. The multifunctional blower in the new version has been enhanced with an air extraction function and a new variable speed control system.

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The KiCA JetFan 2 is the next iteration of the airborne Swiss Army Knife from FeiyuTech. The multifunctional blower in the new version has been enhanced with an air extraction function and a new variable speed control system. This model also offers more power and less noise. The set also includes 2 threaded adapters to shorten the air inlet or outlet. The device is ideal for camping and trips, in the workshop, kitchen, on film and photo sets, as well as for playing with children. It is the perfect alternative to compressed air from a can, as well as portable fans or pumps. Explore the dozens of applications for the FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 wireless blower and see how many areas of your life it can be of use to you.

Main product features

– second generation of the multifunctional blower from FeiyuTech

– creates a powerful airstream

– max. power output up to 101,000 revolutions per minute

– air stream with an impressive maximum speed of 20 m/s

– low noise level of the brushless motor

– air extraction function added (useful, for example, when discharging air from an inflatable mattress)

– new way of controlling the blowing force (slider for continuous adjustment)

– air intake protected by a metal grid

– 2 different brackets included to close the air outlet or air inlet

– Threads for firmly connecting the bolts to the air intake or the air outlet

– lightweight construction (302 g) made from high grade aircraft aluminium

– the ideal piece of on-the-go equipment for inflating your mattress, cleaning up your tent, firing up the barbecue quicker or drying your boots

– the tried and tested way to clean your keyboard, ports or computer case with precision

– gadget for active leisure activities with children (blowing up balloons, moving small objects with air jets, blowing bubbles, painting with sand or coloured powders)

– a car cleaning aid to conveniently clean car mats, upholstery and cockpits and remove dust, dirt or water droplets from hard to reach places

– a kitchen assistant to quickly cool hot ingredients that need to be reduced in temperature before serving or combining with other food items

– a creative tool in the hands of the photographer or filmmaker to resolve model hair, move small objects, diffuse smoke, ‘blow off’ lids or remove dust particles during product or macro photography

– compact size to fit in your pocket or backpack

– automatically switches off after 3 minutes of inactivity

– up to 4.5 hours of operation per charge

– built-in rechargeable battery with 1100 mAh capacity

– LED display indicating charging status

– universal USB-C charging standard (cable included)

Versatile travel companion

The FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 is a must-have device for tenting, camping, backpacking or relaxing on the beach. With the multifunctional blower you can easily clean the leaves off your picnic blanket, remove sand from your towel, get rid of the laundry that accumulates in the nooks and crannies of your tent, and dry your shoes and socks. With this pocket-sized device, you will also not strain your legs when lighting the barbecue.


Small but powerful

The FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 multi-functional blower weighs 302 grams, so even a child can operate it with one hand…. Its dimensions are similar to those of a smartphone, so you can fit it easily into a pocket or small handbag. The new brushless motor delivers an impressive 101,000 revolutions per minute. No can of compressed air can beat this!

New power regulation system

The 2nd generation of the innovative blower from FeiyuTech gets a brand new blast control system. Power control is now even more precise. Simply move the slider and adjust the blast to your current needs!

Air suction

The FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 multi-functional air blower is equipped with 2 mounting threads for the installation of special wheels. These can not only be used for pumping up mattresses and water toys, but also for… to let the air out of them! The new suction function will help you to save valuable time on the beach or on the campsite with your loved ones.

Top quality workmanship

The FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 multi-functional blower, which will successfully serve as a handheld fan to give you relief on hot days, has been made from the highest quality materials. Aerospace-grade aluminium ensures durability, while the pleasant-to-touch handle and slider make everyday use comfortable. The blower also features a bright LED indicator on the housing, which provides information about the connection status.

Long working time

By choosing the FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 blower, you don’t have to worry about battery backup. You can quickly and conveniently attach the device with the attached USB-C cable, which you can easily connect to a power bank, for example. The blower is equipped with a 1100 mAh rechargeable battery, providing up to 4.5 hours of operation per charge.

Support when cleaning

The FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 is perfect for everyday cleaning in the home, car, workshop or garage. With this modern and handy blower you can forget about stale air cans once and for all. Clean all corners of your computer case, ports and keyboard effectively. With the help of this cleaner, you can also remove dust or water droplets from hard-to-reach areas and get rid of all sorts of dust within seconds.

Fun with children

Want to encourage your children to spend time actively? The FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 is the tool to invent hundreds of creative games! Make hovercrafts or paper doves, show your children how to make pictures with sand or coloured powder and make bubbles fun for them. Thanks to the included inflatable wheels, you can also inflate countless balloons with ease!

The magic of cinema and photography

If you’re a photographer or video maker, you’ll find dozens of creative uses for the FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2. With this little device, you can easily blow out a model’s hair or move the fabric of a flowy dress. You can also use the blower to quickly and comfortably disperse smoke on set. If you’re a product photographer, you’ll appreciate the ability to remove dust quickly and efficiently. The KiCA JetFan 2 is also a safe and effective way to get rid of dust from lens surfaces!

2 wheels included

With the FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 multi-functional blower, you get not one, but two wheels to shorten the air outlet. This ensures even greater compatibility with various types of valves used in mattresses or inflatable toys. The wheels are made of a robust and pleasant-to-touch material. The robust threads ensure a long-lasting connection to the inflatorsÄ….


– model: FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2

– colour: blue

– attachment port: USB-C

– operating voltage: 12.8 â¼ 16.8 V

– charging time: approx. 3.5 hours

– operating time per charge: up to 4.5 h

– battery capacity: 1100 mAh

– air volume: up to 20 m/s

– dimensions: 71.9 x 37.4 x 128.9 mm

– weight: 302 g

Kit contents

– FeiyuTech KiCA JetFan 2 multifunctional blower – blue

– 2 screw-on air-in collars to close the air outlet

– USB-A / USB-C cable

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