Flash Trigger Voeloon 810-RT for Nikon

VOELOON RT-810 Wireless Speedlight lamps for Nikon i-TTL


VOELOON RT-810 Wireless Speedlight

lamps for Nikon i-TTL

Voeloon RT-810 is one of the most powerful triggers TTL lamps on the market. The device can work both as a trigger and the receiver. It has the ability to sync with a short shutter speeds. It has three modes of operation: i-TTL / M / DT at maximum speed shutter synchronization to 1 / 8000s. What is new is the DT mode – manual, with the ability to accurately set the delay time of the liberation of the lamp. The device has a work function in groups (3 groups). It enables direct and control the flash (power, mode, focal length) for each group. The range of wireless control is 100 meters, a standard digital FSK 2.4GHz. RT-810 supports 30 wireless working channels and one channel automatically. The device is equipped with an AF system and a USB port allowing you to update the software. Backlit LCD dot-matrix and clear menus allow for quick and easy operation of the device and lamps.

• LCD dot-matrix backlit
• Three modes of operation: 1. TTL, Manual 2. 3. DT – manual, with the possibility of flash release delay • lamp
possibility of mixing different modes for different groups of lamps
• the wireless camera shutter
• remote control flashes camera menus
• remote control flashes the trigger level
• can individually set the zoom flash lamp for different groups of A / B / C

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 10 × 12 cm







2 years