Fotopro ball head FPH-62Q – black

Aimed at professionals of the FPH-62Q can carry loads up to 10kg Fotopro Constructed using advanced forging techniques combined with precision CNC machined and anodized black finish harden the FPH-62Q is both robust and practical.

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Extraordinary precision and excellent workmanship, this is what Fotopro ball heads are characterized by. Model FPH-62Q guarantees exceptional stability and comfortable work with really heavy equipment. On the “shoulders” of this head we can mount a set weighing up to 12 kg!

Ball heads are characterized by high mobility and versatility. They are ideal for high-speed sports photography, as well as for static landscape and portrait photography.

Keep vertical, level

The FPH-62Q has two independent and convenient to use dials. One is used to lock the ball during tilting and smoothly adjust the clamping force.

The other knob locks the movement of the rotating head base, which has a 360° scale applied, allowing precise panning. This solution facilitates the creation of panoramic photos composed of several frames. The movement of the head in this plane is extremely smooth, which is also useful during filming.

Three levelers, make it easy to level the camera and get a perfect frame in any field conditions.

Arca-Swiss on board

The head is compatible with quick-mount plates made in the popular Arca-Swiss standard.

Fotopro’s quick release plates also have an additional safety feature that will keep your valuable equipment from slipping off the head if the lock is not tightened enough.

Reliability Guarantee

The Fotopro FPH-62Q head is made of durable aluminum and magnesium alloy, which ensures its light weight, yet high strength.

Thoughtful design, top quality materials and precision workmanship ensure that the product will last for years. In addition, all Fotopro tripods and heads come with a six-year warranty!


  • model: Fotopro FPH-62Q
  • head type: ball head
  • color: black
  • material of construction: aluminum
  • maximum load: 12 kg
  • weight: 400 g
  • height: 9.5 cm
  • base diameter: 49 mm
  • ball diameter: 36 mm
  • hole for tripod thread 3/8″
  • three levelers
  • two independent tilt and pan lock knobs
  • angular divider to facilitate accurate panning
  • compatibility with Arca-Swiss standard quick release plates

Kit contents

  • Photopro FPH-62Q ball head – black
  • Arca-Swiss standard quick-mount plate measuring 4.2 x 5 cm


  • 6 years (manufacturer’s warranty)

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 11 cm