Fotopro X-go Gecko tripod with FPH-42Q Ballhead green brown

Fotopro X-go Gecko is a lightweight and compact tripod with monopod function. Designed for photographers looking for a mobile solution that is ideal for long hikes. It is a perfect support for lightweight DSLR cameras, mirror-less and compact cameras.



The tripod has a three-stage leg tilt system, which consists of four sections. The individual sections are locked with a convenient rotary clamp system called T-LOCK.

Hidden spikes
The legs of the tripod are finished with spikes, on which you can put the rubber, non-slip ends included in the set. This ensures the best adhesion, regardless of the ground.

Modular central column
The Gecko Fotopro X-go tripod is equipped with a two-sectional central column with a reverse mounting function. This solution is particularly useful in macro photography and in shots from the so-called “frog perspective”. On the bottom of the column there is a retractable hook, on which you can hang additional load to improve the stability of the tripod.

Ball head with a load capacity up to 8 kg!
X-go Gecko tripod is equipped with Fotopro FPH-42Q ball head with a quick-mount plate, made in a very popular Arca-Swiss standard.

The head has two independent and comfortable to use knobs. One of them is used to block the ball during tilting, the other one blocks the movement of the rotating base of the head.

Precise 360° scale applied to the rotating base makes it easy to create panoramas.
Two in one – monopod function

Gecko is not just a tripod. It also has the function of a monopod. After unscrewing one of the legs you get a monopod with a comfortable, rubber handle.

Additional accessories
The set includes a cover with a snap hook, useful during transport and a set of spare rubber pads for tripod feet.

Modern and unique design
Among other tripods available on the Gecko market, it stands out not only for its excellent workmanship and functionality, but also for its attractive and original appearance.

The highest quality and guarantee of reliability
Thoughtful construction, highest quality materials and precision of workmanship make the product will serve for years. Tripods from the Gecko X-go series are covered by a six-year manufacturer’s warranty!

Gecko Fotopro X-go tripod with ball head FPH-42Q
– material used: aluminium
– maximum load: 8 kg
– weight: 1,205 kg
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 144.3 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 110 cm
– minimum working height: 34 cm
– height in transport position: 32.5 cm

Tripod (specification not including head)
– brand: Fotopro
– model: X-go Gecko
– colour: green-brown
– material used: aluminium
– maximum load: 10 kg
– weight: 0.99 kg
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 135.8 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 101.5 cm
– minimum working height: 25,5 cm
– height in transport position: 32.5 cm
– number of leg sections: 5
– diameter of leg sections: 22, 19, 16, 13, 10 mm
– type of leg lock: T-LOCK
– three positions of the leg span
– Reversible retractable central column
– the diameter of the platform under the head: 37 mm
– head fixing with a 3/8″ or 1/4″ screw
– anti-slip tripod foot caps
– spikes
– Hook

Head (specification not including tripod)
– brand: Fotopro
– model: FPH-42Q
– head type: ball head
– colour: green
– material used: aluminium
– maximum load: 8 kg
– weight: 215 g
– height: 8.5 cm
– the diameter of the base: 40 mm
– the diameter of the ball: 25 mm
– 3/8″ tripod thread hole
– Level
– two independent tilt and panorama locking knobs
– Angle pitch for accurate panning
– Compatibility with Arca Swiss standard quick-mounting plates

Monopod (specification not including the head)
– maximum height: 100 cm
– minimum height: 30 cm
– weight: 275 g

Set contents
– Gecko Fotopro X-go tripod (green-brown) with monopod function
– Fotopro FPH-42Q ball head with Arca-Swiss standard quick-mount plate
– a set of spare, rubber tripod feet
– cover
– set of keys
– snap hook

– 6 years (manufacturer’s warranty)

Additional information

Weight 1.35 kg







6 years