Fotopro X-go Tripod with FPH-42Q Ballhead – Black

The Fotopro X-go tripod line is made of carbon fibre and aluminium alloy. Tripods from this series are extremely light, compact and durable. They are perfect for long trips and will never let you down on the trail. They are a great support for lightweight DSLR cameras, mirrorless and compact cameras.

Carbon fibre
This durable material is extremely resistant to unfavourable weather conditions, gives the tripod the appropriate rigidity and is extremely lightweight.



The three-stage tilt system allows comfortable and stable positioning of the tripod legs at the right angle, regardless of the shape of the ground. Thanks to the reverse folding system, the X-go has a small transport size and is ideal for travelling.

Hidden spikes

Steel spikes are hidden underneath the non-slip rubber ends. This ensures the best adhesion on both slippery and muddy surfaces. In case one of the tips is lost, a spare set is included.

T-LOCK technology

The terminals are based on our proprietary T-LOCK system, thanks to which you can quickly and easily change the tripod configuration. Individual sections can be locked or unlocked with one short hand movement.

Modular central column

The Fotopro X-go tripod is equipped with a two-sectional central column with a reverse mounting function. This solution is particularly useful in macrophotography and in shots from the so-called “frog perspective”.

Additional load

At the bottom of the column there is a pull-out hook on which you can hang a bag or photo backpack. The extra weight will weigh down the tripod and improve its stability.

Ball head

The X-go tripod is equipped with the Fotopro FPH-42Q ball head with a load capacity of 8 kg. The head has two independent and comfortable to use knobs. One of them is used to block the ball during tilting, the other one blocks the movement of the rotating base of the head.

The FPH-42Q will prove its worth both when framing dynamically changing scenes, e.g. in sports photography, and when refining shots in landscape or architecture photography. A precise 360° scale, applied to the swivel base, makes it easy to create panoramas.


With the quick-mount plate, made in the very popular Arca-Swiss standard, you can quickly mount the camera on the tripod head. Rubber, anti-slip pads on the upper surface of the tile ensure safe and secure fixing of the equipment. The quick release coupling also has additional protection against accidental slipping out of the head.


X-go is not just a tripod. It also has a monopod function. After unscrewing one of the legs you get a monopod with a comfortable, rubber handle. In addition, we have a special pocket for the monopod, which can be attached to the belt from the trousers.

Guarantee of reliability

Thoughtful design, highest quality materials and precision of workmanship make the product will serve for years. Photopro tripods from the X-go series are covered by a six-year manufacturer’s warranty!


Set: Fotopro X-go tripod with ball head FPH-42Q
– the material of the workmanship:
– carbon fibre
– aluminium alloy
– maximum load: 8 kg
– weight: 997 g
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 144 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 111 cm
– minimum working height: 34 cm
– height in transport position: 32.5 cm

Tripod (specification not including head)
– model: Fotopro X-go
– colour: black
– the material of the workmanship:
– carbon fibre
– aluminium alloy
– maximum load: 10 kg
– weight: 782 g
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 136 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 102.5 cm
– minimum working height: 25,5 cm
– height in transport position: 32.5 cm
– number of leg sections: 5
– diameter of leg sections: 22, 19, 16, 13, 10 mm
– type of leg lock: T-LOCK
– head fixture: with a 3/8″ or 1/4″ screw
– the diameter of the platform under the head: 37 mm
– other features:
– three positions of the leg span
– anti-slip tripod foot caps
– spikes
– Hook

Head (specification not including tripod)
– model: Fotopro FPH-42Q
– head type: ball head
– colour: black
– material: aluminium alloy
– maximum load: 8 kg
– weight: 215 g
– height: 8.5 cm
– the diameter of the base: 4 cm
– the diameter of the ball: 2.5 cm
– Tripod mount: 3/8″ thread
– other features:
– two independent tilt and panorama locking knobs
– Angle pitch for accurate panning
– Compatibility with Arca-Swiss standard quick-mount plates
– Level

Monopod (specification not including the head)
– maximum height: 100 cm
– minimum height: 30 cm
– maximum load: 5 kg
– weight: 210 g

Set contents
– Fotopro X-go tripod with monopod function
– Fotopro ball head FPH-42Q
– Arca-Swiss standard quick release plate
– a set of spare, rubber tripod feet
– belt pouch for monopod
– shoulder strap
– cover
– set of keys
– snap hook


– 6 years (manufacturer’s warranty)

Additional information

Weight 1.26 kg