Gimbal FeiyuTech AK2000 for VDSLR cameras

Specification model: AK2000 load: 2800 g range of rotation of the axis: Tilt: 360 Roll 360 ° Pan 360 ° speed of rotation of the axis: Tilt: 2 ° / s – 75 ° / s Pan 3 ° F / sec – 150 ° / s power supply 4 ICR18650 batteries with a capacity of 2200 mAh, each time on a single charge to 14 h weight: 1252 g (without battery and accessories) dimensions: 18.2 x 42.5 x 21.2 cm touch screen with a diagonal 1 5-inch five mounts statywowych female 1/4 “Compatibility and video cameras weighing up to 2800 g Package Contents gimbal AK 2000 USB cable – micro USB rechargeable IMR 18650 4 quick mounting plate Manfrotto 501 standard set of screws for fixing the battery charger cable plug ( for Sony) cable outlet (for Canon) cable outlet (for cameras Panasonic) tripod V3 stiffen case



FeiyuTech AK2000 is a new generation gimbal, which is a complete tool for advanced filmmakers. Top-quality engines and advanced algorithms to provide smooth, vibration-free shots. Sophisticated ergonomics and ability to communicate with the camera gimbal allows the user to exploit the full potential of operator skills.
The five modes of stabilization
AK2000 offers five different stabilization modes that allow you to adjust the characteristics of the operation to the current needs. Intelligent algorithms and the latest anti-vibration brushless motors provide liquidity and stability, so that an operator can easily obtain the desired effect.
– panning mode – in this mode, the camera / camera smoothly follows the movement of the rotary handle, while maintaining a fixed position relative to the horizon.
– lock mode – the camera lens / camera retains a constant direction – rotate on all axes is locked in the desired position.
– Tracking Mode – In this mode, the camera / camera smoothly follows the rotational motion of the handle and towards the top – down.
– Multi-axis tracking mode – the camera lens / camera smoothly follows the movement of the gimbal mount in all three axes.
– rapid response mode – the camera / camera quickly follows the rotational motion of the handle, while maintaining a fixed position relative to the horizon.

Autopanoramas addition to five basic modes, it offers a gimbal function auto panoramas, wherein rotation of the apparatus can be programmed between selected positions. Programmable time and range of motion allow you to create a breathtaking time-laps and pan.

Selfies mode stabilizer also offers the ability to seamlessly rotate the camera 180 degrees toward the user. This feature is especially popular for vloggers and travelers, giving them the opportunity to record their comments during the filming of the video, without having to change the camera settings.
Simple and precise handling
Device Control is simple and intuitive. Switching between the modes and functions of stabilizer is done using the function keys. Their ergonomic handle gimbal arrangement on the index finger and thumb provides quick access at any time. Precise control of movements allows gimabal while the four-way joystick and innovative multifunction knob. After connecting the camera gimbal knob can control zoom, and camera operating parameters, and thanks to the extra buttons to take pictures and to start / stop recording video from the stabilizer.
The innovative touchscreen
Easy to navigate through the operating modes, numerous functions and settings gimbal provides readable touchscreen display located just above the joystick. The display not only indicates the mode of operation, battery status and connected devices, but also provides an alternative method for controlling the device.
The mobile application Feiyu ON
For users of smartphones with Android and iOS systems manufacturer has prepared a special mobile application Feiyu ON. It allows you to remotely control the gimbal and adjust the parameters of his work held to a recording device, by setting the engine power and speed of reaction.
Simultaneous WiFi and Bluetooth
Classic steering movements gimbal by a combined BT mobile application Feiyu oN, has been extended to remote control the parameters of the camera or the camera from the stabilizer. This provides a much greater comfort during shooting situations. All this using the function buttons and knobs placed on the handle of the stabilizer.
The large capacity, wide compatibility
Gimbal arms are designed to allow the installation of SLR and mirrorless different manufacturers in combination with a wide range of lenses. Maximum lifting capacity 2.8 kg ensures compatibility with most commonly used cameras VDSLR. Roll the motor axis has been positioned at an angle that at any time provide easy access to the display of the camera.
Even faster balancing
In gimbalu solutions have been used to accelerate the process of balancing. This is particularly important when frequent changes of the lens or camera. The stabilizer was quick-standard Manfrotto 501, and his arms are equipped with a system for fast, tool-free setting of the center of gravity. It eliminated the need to manually adjust the engine power – gimbal will do it automatically during initialization.
sophisticated design and strength
The components of the stabilizer are made of high-quality aluminum alloy air, whereby the device is extremely durable and lightweight – only 1252 g (excluding batteries). To ensure a good grip handle AK2000 has been covered with rubber, non-slip material. Minimalist design and black matte finish gives the gimbal a professional and yet discreet, unobtrusive appearance.

The modular design The modular design allows you to configure furnishing stabilizer and development of accessories and handles, which will gradually appear the offer of the manufacturer. Included with the device is light and quick to use one-handed grip, ideal for short and irreplaceable recordings on the go.
Up to 12 hours
The power source AK2000 four batteries type 18650 (2200 mAh each ), which, with good balance gimbal allow for long, even 12-hour operation. Fast battery charging allows the equipment located on Four-wheel.
The standard mounting 1/4 ”
AK2000 is equipped with five standard tripod mounts, gimbal for mounting on a tripod or connect additional accessories such as a microphone, flash or preview monitor.

safe transportation comfortable and safe transport gimbal with accessories ensures provided in the kit, stiffened suitcase. It increases comfort and allows the gimbal to maintain order and ergonomic work.

Specifications – Model: AK2000
– capacity: up to 2800 g
– range of rotation of the axis: – Tilt: 360 °
– Roll 360 °
– Mr 360 °

– speed of rotation of the axle – Tilt: 2 ° / s – 75 ° / s
– Pan 3 ° F / sec – 150 ° / s

– power supply: 4 ICR18650 batteries with a capacity of 2200 mAh each
– time on a single charge: 14 h
– weight: 1252 g (without battery and accessories)
– dimensions: 18.2 x 42.5 x 21.2 cm
– touch screen with a 1.5-inch
– five tripod mounts female 1/4 “

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 47 × 31 cm