Gimbal FeiyuTech SPG 2 for smartphone

FeiyuTech SPG gimbal 2 is a new generation, which not only provides an easy way to get a perfectly smooth, vibration-free shots, but also supports advanced techniques for recording the audio on your smartphone.



FeiyuTech SPG gimbal 2 is a new generation, which not only provides an easy way to get a perfectly smooth, vibration-free shots, but also supports advanced techniques for recording the audio on your smartphone.
The five modes of stabilization SPG
2 offers five different stabilization modes that allow you to adjust the characteristics of the operation to the current needs. Intelligent algorithms and anti-vibration art brushless ensure liquidity and stability so that an operator can easily obtain the desired effect.
– panning mode – in this mode the smartphone smoothly follows the rotation of the handle while maintaining a fixed position relative to the horizon.
– Lock Mode – phone lens maintains a constant direction – rotate on all axes is locked in the desired position.
– Tracking Mode – In this mode, the camera camera smoothly follows the rotation of the handle and towards the top – down.
– Multi-axis tracking mode – smartphone lens smoothly follows the movement of the gimbal mount in all three axes.
– rapid response mode – the camera follows the fast rotation of the handle, while maintaining a fixed position relative to the horizon.

Autopanorama addition to five basic modes, offers a gimbal function autopanoramy, which can be programmed rotation apparatus between selected positions. Programmable time and range of motion allow you to create a breathtaking time-lapsy and pan.
Portrait mode in two ways
gimbal provides two ways of working with a smartphone in a vertical position. The first one is triggered by a combination of function keys and quickly switch from the horizontal position to the vertical position and vice versa. The other supporters will enjoy longer work in portrait mode. Through permanent switch gimbal mounting bracket in the vertical position we gain a much greater range of motion.
Simple and precise handling
Device Control is simple and intuitive. Switching between the operating modes and functions of the stabilizer is carried out by two function keys. Their ergonomic handle gimbal arrangement on the index finger and thumb provides quick access at any time. Precise control of movements allows gimabala while the four-way joystick and innovative multifunction knob. After connecting gimbal smartphone using the control knob you can also zoom lens and camera operating parameters. With the shutter button, it is possible to take pictures, and start / stop video recording with stabilizer level. The menu button allows you to quickly change the mode of a connected camera without touching the smartphone screen.

Clear display Easy to navigate through numerous modes and functions gimbal provides easy to read OLED display located just above the joystick. The display indicates among other things, operating mode, battery status and connected devices. High contrast and bright backlight makes the display is very clear, despite its small size.
Mobile Applications and Vicool Feiyu ON
For users of smartphones with Android and iOS systems manufacturer has prepared two special mobile applications Feiyu ON and Vicool . They give you access to additional features like face tracking or object, creating panoramic images, creating a time-lapsów or videos in slow-motion. Also allow you to adjust the parameters of the gimbal held to a recording device, by setting the engine power and speed of reaction.
Two-channel Bluetooth (BT) the basis for the perfect sound
With two parallel transmission channels BT FeiyuTech SPG 2 provides full support of dedicated mobile applications, while leveraging an external microphone. Gimbal equipped with a 3.5 millimeter mini-jack port (TRRS – compatible with audio devices intended for smartphones). The solution provides access to high-quality sound, without sacrificing service level smartphone with a gimbal. Additionally, due to dwukanałowemu BT allows to listen to recorded material during operation.
sophisticated design and strength
arms and the components of the stabilizer are made of high-quality aluminum alloy air, whereby the device is extremely durable and lightweight – only 440 g (without a battery). To ensure a good grip handle SPG 2 is covered with rubber, non-slip material, and sealed gimbal design allows you to work in any conditions, without worrying about spills or dust. Minimalist design and black matte finish gives gimbalowi professional and yet discreet, unobtrusive look.
Up to 14 hours
The power source is a battery SPG 2 26650-type high-capacity 5000 mAh, which the good Gimbal balancing allows for long, even 14-hour operation. Gimbal link energy may also serve as an additional power source for smartphone (even during recording). In addition, the battery in the paper tray can be recharged using any phone charger, equipped with micro USB plug.

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