Gimbal Removu S1 for action cameras GoPro Hero 3/3+/4/5/6/7

Removu S1 is weatherproof, three-axis gimbal designed to work with cameras sport. Removu stabilizer has been designed and manufactured with the utmost precision and attention to detail.



Removu S1 is weatherproof, three-axis gimbal designed to work with cameras sport. Removu stabilizer has been designed and manufactured with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Gimbal S1 minimizes vibration and allows for liquid intake, even in the most extreme and dynamic situations. Thanks to maintaining high standards of quality waterproof IP64, gimbal can be used even in unfavorable weather conditions. Included are fixed to the GoPro Hero 5 Hero 3/3 + / 4 and Hero Session. The manufacturer also plans to introduce mounts to a wide range of sports cameras from other manufacturers.

The body of the device is equipped with a technologically advanced motors and ensures quiet and precise camera stabilization in all three axes. All wires are hidden in the body of the device, which gives it a finished look and increases comfort. The innovative mounting system provides seamless access to the camera interface.

The body of the machine there are three buttons for on / off gimbal, select the operating mode and communication with the wireless remote. The current operation mode and the battery level indicates a built-in OLED display. Gimbal is powered by a removable battery pack that is 3 to 6 hours. Retrofitting set of spare batteries (provided there is one) ensures continuous operation – one battery powers the device, while the others may be loaded.

Removu S1 is equipped in a comfortable and ergonomic hand grip which at one movement can detach from the body gimbal. This allows installation on any compatible stabilizer system GoPro mount. Using S1 make recordings from a camera mounted on a helmet, bicycle handlebars or even a telescopic arm will gain pleasant liquidity.

The removable end cap of the handgrip has a double mounting on the micro SD memory card and wrist strap increases safety use.

In the handgrip is mounted removable pilot, whereby Removu S1 can be controlled wirelessly. Bluetooth technology enables communication range of up to 10 meters. This allows you to control the stabilizer placed on the helmet, arm or any other area in need of remote maintenance.

The joystick remote control allows you to adjust the camera angle, and switch modes Gimbal. The device has a built-in OLED display indicating battery level remote control, the currently selected mode, status, and the status of the pairing function BacPac.

S1 has three stabilization modes:
• Pan (Pan) – camera movement TILT axes and ROLL is blocked. The camera smoothly follows the movements of the operator in the axis of the Academy of Sciences.
• Tracking (Follow) – the camera smoothly follows the movements of the operator axis tilt and Sciences. Camera movement in the axis ROLL is locked.
• Locks (Lock) – the camera maintains a constant direction. Movement along all axes is blocked.
mode inversion allows the use of gimbal position in the “upside down” – when turning it vertically by 180 °.

Removu S1 also has a function BacPac that is designed for users with an additional type BacPac accessory, such as a monitor or a battery.

complete with gimbal Removu S1 delivered the following mounting:

• fixing type frame GoPro Hero 3/3 + / 4 – provides a better quality of recorded sound, efficient ventilation and access to the camera interface. The frame is the ideal solution in most situations where the camera additional protection is needed.
• Fixing type frame GoPro Hero 5
• Fixing the GoPro Hero Session

The set of Removu S1 there are also battery charger, battery and weight permitting the use of type BacPac accessories. The device is enclosed in a reinforced and sealed case, which protects the gimbal during transport.

• voltage (DC) of 6.4 V ~ 8.4 V
• Weight: 380 g (excluding batteries, and fixings)
• range Tilt axis of rotation 292 °
• ROLL axis rotation range 90 °

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 22 × 26 cm







2 years