Humanas AV 110 medical keyboard IP68

Main features of the product
– key lock for easy cleaning and disinfection
– dust and water resistance class IP68
– resistant to detergents and typical disinfectants



The Humanas AV 110 medical keyboard is made of high quality plastics, including dust and moisture resistant silicone. The device is easy to clean and disinfect. It is perfect for doctor’s offices, hospitals, production halls and other places that require high standard of hygiene.

Main features of the product
– key lock for easy cleaning and disinfection
– dust and water resistance class IP68
– resistant to detergents and typical disinfectants

The Humanas AV 110 medical keyboard will be used wherever special hygiene and cleanliness are required: hospitals, clinics, private medical practices, laboratories, dental practices, pharmacies, nursing homes, schools and the food industry.

Durable and resistant
The silicone material of the keyboard provides a high degree of resistance confirmed by the IP68 standard. It is splash-proof, dustproof and highly resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. It can be cleaned with disinfectants and detergents. Tight construction of the keys prevents dust and other impurities from gathering under them.

Keyboard lock
A special locking button allows to clean the keyboard without disconnecting it from the computer. We no longer have to fear that some combination of accidentally pressed keys will make unwanted changes on our desktop.

Peace and quiet
Comfortable, reliable and extremely quiet keys will be appreciated not only by the user himself, but also by his colleagues, who will no longer be distracted by loud keyboard tapping.

Timeless design
The classic look and ergonomic, ultra-flat profile of the device will make it fit into any room and workstation without any interference, elegantly managing a small office space.

Simple and quick configuration
The keyboard uses a USB interface and is ready for operation as soon as it is connected to the computer. The “plug and play” device does not require the user to install additional drivers. The AV 110 can be connected to a desktop computer, laptop or even to a tablet or smartphone with a suitable adapter.

Reliability guaranteed
The Humanas AV 110 medical keyboard has been designed and thoroughly tested in difficult industrial and medical conditions. With our product you can be sure that your workplace will remain safe, clean and trouble-free.

– model: Humanas AV 110
– color: black
– material of workmanship:
– silicone
– plastic
– Protection class: IP68
– permissible operating temperature: -20°C / +60°C
– storage and transport temperature: -30°C / +75°C
– durability: minimum 10 million switching cycles per button
– number of keys: 109 (including 12 function keys)
– type of switches: membrane
– interface: USB
– cable length: 180 cm
– dimensions: 44 x 15 x 1.2 cm
– weight: 0.8 kg
– certificates: FCC, CE, RoHs
– other product features:
– long life of the keys
– resistance to dust and splashes
– non-slip material on the bottom of the keyboard
– key lock

– computers running Windows, mac OS, Linux
– Android smartphones and tablets (supporting OTG)

Set contents
– medical keyboard Humanas AV 110 – black

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