JJC diffuser for Sony HVL-F42AM / F43AM – white

White diffuser for Sony HVL-F42AM.

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Flash diffuser is an easy-to-use flash cap that diffuses light. Photos taken with the diffuser are characterized by even illumination of the entire frame and the absence of unwanted shadows behind the photographed subject. The light is softer and more natural.

The cap is extremely easy to use – it does not require any additional attachments, and it takes up little space in your bag. With TTL setting, the amount of light is selected automatically.

Main advantage of diffusers

  • the ability to achieve even, soft light,
  • softening of shadows in the background
  • possibility of illuminating the background
  • preventing the “red-eye” effect
  • obtaining natural colors for portrait photography without “burn-in”

Kit contents

  • JJC diffuser for Sony HVL-F42AM/F43AM flashes – white

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 11 × 16 cm