Laowa 11 mm f/4,5 FF RL for Leica M Black

Venus Optics Laowa 11 mm f/4.5 FF RLis a compact wide-angle (rectalinear) lens designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras with the Leica M. The stunning optics, superbly corrected distortion and chromatic aberration make this lens ideal for landscape and interior photographers.

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Venus Optics Laowa 11 mm f/4.5 FF RL lens for Leica M – black
The Venus Optics Laowa 11 mm f/4.5 FF RL is a compact wide-angle (rectalinear) lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras with the Leica M bayonet. Stunning optics, superbly corrected distortion and chromatic aberration make this lens ideal for landscape and interior photographers.

Main features of the Laowa 11mm f/4.5 FF RL lens
exceptionally wide 126° angle of view

high image quality with minimised distortion and chromatic aberration

extremely light (254 g) and compact design (6.35 x 5.8 cm)

minimum focusing distance of 19 cm (rangefinder support for Leica M from 70 cm)

62 mm photographic filter thread

dazzling 10-point stars

Exceptionally wide angle of view
An extraordinary 126° angle of view allows you to capture a huge space in your image. Breathtaking cityscapes and beautiful landscapes are yours for the taking.

Uncompromising image quality
The heart of the lens consists of 14 optical elements, arranged in 10 groups. Two aspherical lenses and two extra-low dispersion glasses reduce chromatic aberration and distortion to a minimum. The image generated by the lens is full of detail, colour and contrast.

Extremely close encounter
The lens features an extremely short focus distance of 19 cm (measured from the subject to the camera sensor). This creates unprecedented opportunities in macro photography when creating multi-faceted frames with exceptional perspective.

Perfect stars
When you close the 5-blade aperture, you get the effect of aesthetically pleasing and well-defined 10-point ‘stars’. These appear in the photo in place of the sun or other light sources, such as street lamps, car headlights or Christmas tree lights.

Small and lightweight lens
The Laowa 11 mm f/4.5 was designed with landscape photographers and travellers in mind. Its design does not restrict mobility and is extremely sturdy yet lightweight and small. This compact lens measures less than 6.4 cm and weighs only 254 g.

Surgical precision and attention to detail
Manual focusing with this lens is a pleasure. The ring operates impeccably and with a perceptible resistance. A distance scale is marked on the lens in metres and feet. When you reach a distance of 0.7 m, you will feel a click, reminding you of the shortest distance to focus correctly using the rangefinder for the Leica M system.

The aperture is set using a separate ring. A distinct click will be felt for the total values, but nothing prevents you from smoothly adjusting this parameter to intermediate values.

Two ways to use filters
Despite its ultra-wide focal length, the lens has a traditional thread for 62 mm wide circular filters. This is a very practical and convenient solution.

The second way to accommodate rectangular filters with a width of 100 mm is with a special magnetic holder.

Top quality and reliability
When you buy a Venus Optics brand lens, you get an innovative product that will serve you faithfully and trouble-free for many years. Laowa is a guarantee of the highest quality workmanship and timeless design.

The photographic family
Laowa lenses are trusted by many great photographers and filmmakers. We encourage you to visit our website and social media channels – Facebook and Instagram – to see their work and to stay up to date with every revolutionary new development from Venus Optics.

model: Venus Optics Laowa 11mm f/4.5 FF RL

mount: Leica M

focal length: 11 mm

angle of view: 126°

minimum aperture: f/4.5

maximum aperture: f/22

number of aperture blades: 5

image coverage: full frame (35mm)

optical construction: 14 elements in 10 groups

minimum focusing distance: 19 cm

reproduction scale: 0.1x

focus adjustment: manual

filter diameter: 62 mm

dimensions: 63.5 x 58 mm

weight: 254 g

colour: black

Contents of the kit
Venus Optics Laowa 11 mm f/4.5 FF RL lens for Leica M – black

Lens hood for the front of the lens

rear lens hood

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