LCD cover GGS Larmor for Canon 70D / 80D/ 90D

Larmor LCD Protectors Provide superior shock absorbency and scratch protection for your camera’s LCD screen. No glue!

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Larmor is a series of new covers from GGS and also the finest covers on the market. A six-layer glass LCD screen protector made from Japanese optical glass. Protects your camera’s LCD screen from damage, scratches, impacts and dirt. Provides unparalleled screen visibility, thanks to tempered glass and several coatings (anti-reflective, UV, reinforcing, anti-dust). In terms of durability and image quality, it is far superior to films and covers made of plastic.

The thickness of the cover is only 0.5 mm, so it does not stick to the camera, does not detach when the camera is placed in the bag, and does not impair access to the camera buttons.

The cover allows the use of touch and rotating screens (dedicated cover).

Installation of the cover is carried out in an innovative way for glass covers, without the use of adhesive. The shield itself has the properties to “stick” to the LCD screen. A special cleaner is included to clean the LCD screen before mounting. Removal of the cover does not leave adhesive residue on the screen.


  • thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Make: toughened glass with UV filter
  • number of layers: 6 (UV, anti-reflective, reinforcing, anti-dust)
  • strength: pressure of up to 12 kg per cm2
  • hardness: 8H
  • light transmission: greater than 90%
  • does not degrade the image quality of the LCD screen
  • easy to install without the risk of air bubbles or adhesive residue


  • Canon 70D / 80D / 90D cameras

Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 9 × 10 cm