LCD cover GGS Larmor for Nikon D5

GGS is a six Larmor LCD hood made of high quality Japanese optical glass. Cover protects the display apparatus from damage, scratches, bumps and dirt.

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GGS Larmor is a six-layer LCD screen protector made from the highest quality Japanese optical glass. The shield protects the camera display from damage, scratches, impacts and dirt.

The latest technologies used in the manufacturing process have made it possible to create a product with unparalleled parameters. With a surface hardness of 8H, the toughened glass is just 0.3 millimetres thick, allowing the cover to be used with cameras with a movable display. It also reduces the risk of accidentally snagging and detaching the cover from the camera. Anti-reflective coatings ensure that the quality, and colours, of the image emitted by the display are maintained. The touchscreen (if the camera has one) also remains fully functional. The black finish of the frame makes the cover blend in perfectly with the camera. The GGS Larmor is far superior to covers made of plastic or film in terms of quality and protection.

Installation of the GGS cover is simple and safe. It takes place without the use of adhesive, thanks to a silicone layer with high adhesion. The technology used guarantees a solid and secure attachment for the camera. The kit also includes a soaked cloth for cleaning the LCD screen before mounting. Removal of the cover does not leave adhesive residue on the screen.


  • material: Japanese optical glass
  • number of layers: 6 (UV, anti-reflective, reinforcing)
  • surface hardness: 8H
  • glass thickness: 0.3 mm
  • pressure resistance: up to 12 kg per cm2
  • light transmission: up to 12 kg per cm2
  • light transmission: greater than 95%
  • mounting method: silicone adhesive layer (no glue)


  • Nikon D5 / D6 camera

Kit contents

  • Camera home screen protector
  • Camera back screen protector
  • Rear camera screen protector
  • Camera screen protector
  • Camera top screen protector
  • Sealed cloth
  • Saturated cloth for cleaning the screen before mounting
  • Screen protector for camera top screen

Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 9 × 10 cm