LED Light Yongnuo YN760 – WB (5500 K)

Yongnuo YN760 is a compact continuous light lamp that uses innovative technology COB LED. High power, and small size make it the ideal tool for working both in the studio and in the field.



Yongnuo YN760 is a compact continuous light lamp that uses innovative technology COB LED. High power, and small size make it the ideal tool for working both in the studio and in the field.
High power LED by CREE COB brand
The light source lamp is a high YN760 LED COB LED renowned American CREE. Innovative technology COB (Chip-On-Board) allows one module with a small area to generate a beam of high-power (8000 lumens) and high density. Such a solution is reflected in a small footprint device, the possibility of using conventional and fluidity modifiers light flux emitted.
high CRI
The natural characteristics of the emitted light provides a high color rendering index – CRI (Ra). This coefficient represents the degree of similarity of the spectrum of light to natural sunlight and is in the range from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the better the donated colors are illuminated objects – they look natural. The coefficient at a level above 95 guarantees color fidelity and depth of tone.
5500K – standard color temperature of light
YN760 lamp generates light with a color temperature of 5500 K. It is similar to daylight with a slight overcast and adopted as a standard lighting and photographic film. The light of such ciepłocie emit flashes among other things, both the reporter, and I study. Standardized color lets you easily combine multiple sources of continuous light and flash.
Light Modifiers included
In the set together with the lamp are two modifiers to adjust to the light nature of the selected scene. The canopy allows narrow and focus the light beam, parasol diffuse and soften the light scatter. Also, the standard mount parasolkowe allows the use of a variety of other modifiers on the market.
Efficient cooling
Yongnuo YN760 is equipped with an active cooling system to ensure the safety of the lamp, even after long hours.
Dual power supply
lamp may be powered by two or four batteries in series NP-F (eg. NP-F970). Batteries are mounted in strapped by a flexible cable adapter battery. For the convenience of using the adapter with the batteries can be transferred to the supplied shoulder strap. Separation of the lamp from the heavy batteries translates into comfort “hand” and can be mounted on a high stand. Connecting cable connectors are equipped with a lock to prevent accidental unplugging.
it is also possible to supply the lamp from the socket by using (optional) AC adapter 19 V / 5 A (AC Yongnuo FJ-SW1905000F).
control device < br /> flash control is performed by a control panel located on the back of the device. Use significantly easier to read display. YN760 control can also be wireless using a remote control or application installed on the smartphone. Both methods allow remote grouping and control of multiple flash operation parameters simultaneously.
brackets and mounting
YN760 equipped with standard mounting umożlwiające mounting on most tripods or lighting, which is located in the set, the handgrip. Adjustable hinge allows directing the lamp in a desired direction. In addition, the control panel on the back of the lamp is an additional handle.
Convenient and safe transport
lamp and all the accessories are included in the practical bag. The thick, made of soft material of the wall to protect the contents, and the bar handle and easy handling.

– dimensions: 11 x 18.5 x 14 cm (without accessories)
– Weight: 1045 g (without accessories)
– color temperature of emitted light 5500 K
– coefficient of light emitted CRI & gt, 95
– the angle of the LEDs 110 °
– power: 80 W
– luminous flux of 8000 lm
– range wireless control up to 15 m
– modulus Bluetooth control via a mobile application

Compatibility – battery supply: batteries of NP-F series (not included)
– power supply: power supply Yongnuo SW195000F FJ-19 V 5 a DC (not included)

is included
– lamp Yongnuo YN760 – WB (5500 K)
– wireless remote control

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 25 × 21 cm







2 years