Micro USB Cable Sync and Charge 0,9m white

  • 10x Stronger Reinforced
  • Over 2A Full Speed Charging Delivered
  • Bend-tested 12,000+ Times


Technology improves over time and with the RAVPower Unity M Series, you get the newest generation of micro USB cables which are faster, more durable, and will outlast your OEM cable several times over.

Bend-tested 12,000+ Times
The unique spiral design joint is more elastic, absorbs more tension, and effectively reduces the stress damage on bended areas, hence greatly increasing bend lifespan and cable durability.

More than 2A
Using high gauge wires with lower resistance, the RAVPower Unity M Series Cables support a charging current of over 2A, which is required by larger smartphones and tablets. This guarantees a fast charging experience for every device.

5x Stronger
Reinforced using high-tech fiber to add extra strength and resilience, the new RAVPower Unity M Series USB Cables are 5x stronger than ordinary ones.

Always Safe
Fire-resistant TPE soft layer provides increased grip, as well as damage protection. Along with a foolproof connector design that always goes in the right way, experience the ultimate solution for cable safety and convenience.

Two Great Lengths
The 3ft cables are excellent for everyday charging/syncing/data transferring. While the extra long 6ft cable lets you reach out further with your device.

Additional information

Dimensions 2 × 10 × 17 cm







2 years