Monitor Aputure VS-5X



Aputure V-Screen VS-5X is a mobile display monitor equipped with a clear LCD display 7 “and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 px and many useful features during shooting.
The monitor lets you view recorded material in real time, facilitates precise setting correct exposure and focus, and control sound levels. Input and output ports, HDMI and HD-SDI devices allow you to connect to most camcorders and cameras VDSLR. Built-in converter allows you to change the type of signal HDMI to SD and vice versa, without the need for additional hardware.
Clear and intuitive menu makes it easy to work, and the ability to program your own keyboard shortcuts to customize the device to the individual needs of each user.
Features offered by the Monitor Screen Aputure V-VS-5X include:
– monochrome

histogram preview – Overexposure warning
– to highlight areas of focus
– wektroskop
– timecode
– screen rotation
– a center mark
– marker safe zone recording
– change in color temperature of viewing
– monitor the sound levels
– low battery alert

the compact dimensions and low weight of the monitor allow installation on almost any stabilizer, a cage or on your camcorder. Setting at a comfortable angle facilitates the practical mounting adapter with a ball head and two female tripod mounting 1/4 “on the bottom and side of the device. < br /> big advantage Aputure VS-5X can be powered using one or two accumulators in series NP-F (eg. NP-F970), or from an external power source, for example. camcorder (cable D-Tap.)
included with the monitor Aputure VS-5X is also a sun visor, significantly enhancing comfort on sunny days, neoprene pouch useful during transport device and a set of cables.

– model: VS-5X
– diagonal screen 7 “
– Dimensions: 18 x 132.2 x 3.5 cm
– weight: 490 g (without accessories)
– resolution: 1920 x 1200 px
– brightness: 450 cd / m2
– contrast: 1200: 1
– angle 160 ° at 160 ° vertical
– input: HDMI, HD-SDI <

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 28 × 26 cm







2 years