Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

The Newell Surja 400 LED lamp is a compact 330 W LED lamp, offering adjustable color temperature from 2700 K to 6500 K. With a CRI color reproduction index of 95+, it guarantees accurate color reproduction and excellent light quality. The lamp offers integration with DMX systems, as well as remote control via a mobile app (iOS/Android) or remote control (included). 

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The Newell Surja 400 LED lamp is a compact 330 W LED lamp, offering adjustable color temperature from 2700 K to 6500 K. With a CRI color reproduction index of 95+, it guarantees accurate color reproduction and excellent light quality. The lamp offers integration with DMX systems, as well as remote control via a mobile app (iOS/Android) or remote control (included). There are 12 ready-made special effects on board (including explosion, TV, candle or broken bulb) and an ergonomic adjustment knob for easy control of settings. The Bowens mounting system will open the door to the world of light modifiers for you. Included in the kit you will find a canopy to increase the intensity of the light generated. The product comes with a 40-month warranty.

Main Product Features

  • LED lamp offering 330 watts of output power
  • adjustable color temperature (2700 – 6500 K)
  • large light intensity – 15600 lux (at 1 m distance, CCT: 5600 K)
  • color reproduction index CRI of 96+
  • possibility to integrate with DMX system
  • free mobile app (iOS/Android) for remote control
  • Bluetooth remote control included (30m range)
  • 12 preset special effects (including explosion, TV, candle or broken light bulb)
  • readable LCD screen for convenient control of light parameters
  • standard Bowens mount allowing the use of popular light modifiers
  • included canopy with Bowens mount
  • solid clamp to keep the angle of the lamp in the desired position
  • fork mount for convenient angle adjustment
  • traditional 16mm lighting tripod mount (integrated clamp screw)
  • hole for umbrella

Newell Surja 400 LED Lamp

Powerful, high-quality light

With its high color reproduction index (CRI: 96+), the Newell Surja 400 LED lamp guarantees accurate color reproduction, which is extremely important in the film and photography industry, as well as on stages. From a distance of 1 meter, with a color temperature of 5600 K, the lamp reaches a light intensity of 15600 lux. When the included canopy is installed on it, this value rises to as much as 69400 lx, providing even more flexibility for work.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Adjustable color temperature

The Newell Surja 400 LED lamp allows you to adjust the color temperature of the light from 2700 K to 6500 K. Such parameters are sure to make your work on the set easier, allowing you to precisely adjust the device’s settings to the found or desired lighting conditions. It takes just a few seconds to produce light that can be warmer than that emitted by tungsten lamps or much cooler than typical daylight.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Multiple applications

The Newell Surja 400 LED lamp was created to effectively support your creative projects. From professional photo shoots, where precise lighting is crucial to the quality of your frames, to vlogs, webinars and videos, where crisp and adjustable light is an essential element of scenes and shots. You will also successfully use it on theater or concert stages. Thanks to its high power and ability to adjust brightness and color temperature, the Surja model will be an excellent choice among both professionals and home-grown photography and film enthusiasts.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Special effects

The Surja model also didn’t lack a set of traditional special effects that Newell gear users are familiar with from other lamps available from the brand. Combinations of flashes and changing color temperature will allow you to take advantage of such simulations as a TV, candle, explosion, campfire or broken bulb. You can customize each effect by changing individual parameters from the control panel of the free smartphone app or the included remote control.

Convenient installation

Precise positioning of a Newell Surja lamp installed on a tripod will be ensured by a sturdy fork mount locked with a solid clamp. You can be sure that the device will stay in the defined position, even if you use a longer light modifier. The lamp is equipped with a traditional 16mm lighting tripod mount, which is complemented by a clamping screw.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Smartphone app

The Newell Surja LED lamp offers a convenient LCD control panel. There are buttons on both sides of the screen. Lower down, you’ll also find a dial that’s convenient to use. However, that’s not all when it comes to control options. The device can be controlled via a smartphone app (Android/iOS). You can download it from Google Play or App Store completely free of charge.

Newell Surja 400 LED light

Remote control

Included with the Newell Surja lamp you will find an ergonomic remote control equipped with an LCD screen. On the display you will quickly and conveniently check such information as the working channel, battery level, color temperature and brightness. This small controller will allow you to hide the lamp among the scenery or set it up in a hard-to-reach place, without having to walk up to it every time you need to change the light parameters.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Integration with DMX systems

Surja is a device that professionals working with stage lighting are sure to appreciate. You can easily connect it with other lights and compatible DMX controller or software. This allows the device to become part of advanced lighting setups. DMX is a guarantee of proper integration with full-size consoles or special applications supporting this light control standard.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Canopy included

The included canopy is a useful light modifier that allows you to expand the capabilities of the Newell Surja LED lamp. With it, it is possible to narrow the light beam and increase its intensity. This will be a useful solution, especially in situations where you want a higher level of brightness. In addition, the canopy will help direct the light to a specific area of the frame, eliminating unwanted reflections or shadows.

Newell Surja 400 LED Lamp

Bowens mount

The Newell Surja lamp is equipped with the popular Bowens mount. It provides wide compatibility with various types of modifiers used in film and photography. Thanks to the mount, you will connect the lamp to the included canopy or to other accessories such as gates, softboxes or streamers.

Newell Surja 400 LED Lamp

Newell Surja 400 LED Lamp

40 month warranty

Bet on quality and experience. Newell is a brand that has been on the market since 2009, specializing in the production of consumer electronics. Each product comes with an extended 40-month warranty. By choosing a Newell LED lamp, you are assured of proper support in case of any malfunctions related to its operation!

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp

Learn about other Newell lamps

The Newell brand catalog includes dozens of lamp models for a wide variety of applications – from photography and film, to the beauty industry, to stages, concert halls and conference rooms. In addition to models similar to Newell Surja (including RGB Mitra and RGB Pravaha Max), offering varied powers and functions, you’ll find other proven devices that will make your work with light even more effective.

  • Kathi -This series of products are lightsabers and elongated LED lamps in different variants – from 20 to 120 cm. Their superpowers are unique shape and rich RGB color palette.
  • Rangha – thanks to their small dimensions and universal mounting systems, you can successfully install lamps from this series almost anywhere. They are ideal for studio and outdoor photo shoots or travel vlogs.
  • Air – a combination of elegance and unparalleled power. Large rectangular or circular lamps with built-in diffusers provide even and soft light that minimizes the amount of shadows present on set.

Newell Surja 400 LED lamp


  • model: Newell Surja 400
  • Power consumption: 400 watts
  • power output: 330 watts
  • input voltage: 100 – 240 volts, 50/60 Hz
  • color temperature: 2700 – 6500 K
  • CRI: ≥ 96
  • Adjustable light parameters:
    • brightness: 0 – 100%
    • saturation: 0 – 100%
  • allowable operating environment temperature: 0 – 40ºC
  • DMX 512: RJ45 interface
  • Remote control:
    • number of channels: 99
    • frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • range: up to 30 m
  • dimensions: 140 x 140 x 300 mm
  • weight: 3300 g (without canopy)

Set contents

  • Newell Surja 400 LED lamp
  • remote control
  • cowl


CCT/Color Distance No modifier Lamp + Bowl
2700 K 1 m 12300 lx 54100 lx
2700 K 2 m 3610 lx 10700 lx
2700 K 3 m 1870 lx 4630 lx
3200 K 1 m 14000 lx 62900 lx
3200 K 2 m 4130 lx 12400 lx
3200 K 3 m 2150 lx 5360 lx
5600 K 1 m 15600 lx 69400 lx
5600 K 2 m 4560 lx 13600 lx
5600 K 3 m 2360 lx 5850 lx
6500 K 1 m 14800 lx 64700 lx
6500 K 2 m 4330 lx 12900 lx
6500 K 3 m 2250 lx 5530 lx

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