OEM F-adapter – 52 mm / (24-39 mm)

The F adapter extends possibilities of your camera / camcorder. Use your binoculars / monocular / spotting scope as a strong telephoto lens, take pictures of the sky using a telescope or micro world using a microscope.

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F-adapter – connect your camera to a telescope, spotting scope, microscope, binoculars, night vision, etc.Whether you are interested in astronomy, microscopy, ornithology, or just looking for new ways in photography, the F-adapter opens up new possibilities. You can use your binoculars/lens as a powerful telephoto lens, photograph the stars and planets with a telescope, or the micro world when paired with a microscope.Now only your imagination can be the limit when taking unique and fascinating photos or videos.The F-adapter screws onto the standard 18-55mm lens of Nikon D7000, D5000, D3100, D3000, D90 cameras (52mm thread). It can also be used on other lenses with 52mm thread. Switch the camera to manual focus mode, set the focus to infinity and the focal length to the maximum value.The eyepiece of the device to be connected is slipped into the adapter and clamped with adjustment screws (acceptable eyepiece diameters: from 24mm to 38mm).The adapter is made of aluminum. Thanks to a special spring protecting the attached device is not exposed to any damage.The adapter can be screwed directly to the lens / adapter / sleeve with 52mm thread, or with other threads using reduction rings.

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Dimensions 5 × 9 × 12 cm