Receiver Saramonic RX9 for UwMic9 wireless audio system

Saramonic RX9 receiver for wireless audio transmission system UwMic9.



Saramonic RX9 receiver for wireless audio transmission system UwMic9.
UwMic9 system is characterized by versatility and reliability. The possibility of wireless transmission of audio signals between devices will appreciate the wide range of cameramen, reporters and vlogerzy. The system allows operation of the devices in two groups, the 96 transmission frequencies.
The receiver has two inputs as standard mini jack (3.5 millimeters) for connecting to the TRS signal recording device and listen through headphones. Input is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental unplugging of the cable.
receiver housing is made of high quality aluminum. Easy to read LCD display and control buttons allow for convenient use of the device, even while wearing gloves. Intuitive menus and synchronization features make it easy to use and faster to work with the system. The device is powered by two AA batteries.
The elements of the system can be shared transmitters in various configurations (not included in the receiver) you can send tracks simultaneously to two audio channels.
The set outside the receiver’s clip for suspending the transmitter on the bar, the XLR cable and cable 3.5mm TRRS.

– the number of transmission channels 96
– number of groups A and B
– frequency: 514 MHz – 596 MHz
– reference deviation: +/- 5 kHz

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 24 × 19 cm







2 years