Redleaf endoscope with monitor RDE-1005MR 5m

Redleaf endoscope with monitor RDE-1005MR is a unique device that allows you to film and take pictures in hard-to-reach places. With a 5-meter rigid cable and a small 8-millimetre wide camera, the Redleaf RDE-1005MR is the perfect solution for capturing images in corners that could never be reached with a smartphone, camera or even the smallest sports camera. For a clear view and a comfortable endoscope experience, the included flashlight monitor is included.



4.3-inch LCD monitor
The images recorded with the Redleaf RDE-1005MR inspection camera can be viewed in real time on the included 4.3-inch LCD monitor. Profiled rubber grips ensure a secure grip during operation. The monitor module is also equipped with a bright flashlight and navigation buttons for easy control of endoscope settings.

Image quality and filming in the dark
The camera installed in the Redleaf RDE-1005MR endoscope allows you to record movies and photos with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. LEDs around the lens allow you to record in complete darkness, while Auto Focus ensures automatic focus. This allows you to see the smallest details of your subjects, even in places where no light comes in. In addition, the backlight power can be adjusted with a dedicated button. The image recorded with the use of an endoscope can be saved on a microSD card (to be purchased separately).

Multifunctional overlays
The set includes special overlays, which will further expand the practical use of the Redleaf RDE-1005MR endoscope. Magnet and hook will allow you to extract small objects from hard-to-reach places. On the other hand, the mirror cap will turn the endoscope into a small periscope, which will allow you to film and take pictures at a different angle.

Rigid cable
The use of a rigid cable in the device enables convenient modeling of its arrangement. It makes it easier to adjust the shape of the cable to the space in which we want to use it.

Resistance to water and dust
The device meets the IP67 standard, which means that the endoscope can be submerged in water (not applicable to the monitor module). This is useful, for example, when diagnosing problems with leaking or clogged hydraulic systems.

– model: endoscope with Redleaf monitor RDE-1005MR
– maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
– the diameter of the camera: 8 mm
– angle of view: 70°
– sharpening range: from 4 cm to 500 cm
– Water resistance: IP67 (not applicable to monitor)
– Lighting:
o 6 LEDs (3-stage intensity control)
o a flashlight built into the monitor
– the battery: 2600 mAh (removable)
– working time per charge: 4 h
– the length of the cable: 5 h
– type of conductor: rigid
– Supported memory cards: microSD (TF)

Set contents
– an endoscope with a 5-meter rigid cable
– 4.3-inch LCD monitor
– USB cable – micro USB – micro USB
– 3 special attachments (mirror, hook and magnet)
– protective cap
– a plastic box for storing the caps
– 2 hook-and-loop fasteners to fasten the coiled cable

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