Redleaf RDE-51000M digital microscope x1000

The Redleaf RDE-51000M digital microscope with LCD screen is a handy and easy to use device that allows you to see details that are not visible to the naked eye. It can be used for quality control in the textile, printing, dermatological and jewellery industries. The microscope makes it easy to see details on digital electronic circuits, materials, tissues, skin, hair, plants or banknotes. The Redleaf RDE-51000M will also be a great gift for curious children who are passionate about science and want to see what the world looks like on a micro scale.



The mobile arm with a suction cup, which you attach to a flat surface, allows you to quickly and comfortably position the Redleaf RDE-51000M at the right angle and then lock it in the optimal position. After setting the proper distance from the preparation, we will adjust the sharpness of the image with a dedicated knob located in the central part of the housing. The microscope is also equipped with a backlight power control module and a switch responsible for digital zoom. All the knobs and buttons are within easy reach, so it only takes a few seconds to find the optimal position for the microscope.

Preview in many ways
The Redleaf RDE-51000M digital microscope offers a 1000x zoom to see the smallest details of objects viewed on a 4.3-inch LCD screen. Using the micro USB port, you can connect the device to a computer, on which you can use dedicated software. Built-in WiFi module also allows wireless connectivity with a smartphone. Photos and videos can also be saved directly on the microSD card.

Control from the screen
The integrated screen is not only a convenient real-time view. Using the physical buttons located under the display, you can change the resolution and quality of the recorded image, add a date and time stamp to photos and videos, and format the memory card.

Dedicated software
From the manufacturer’s website we can download dedicated software for Windows, which makes it easy to save photos and videos on your computer. OSX/macOS users can capture images from the microscope using QuickTime Player and Photo Booth. In Google Play and App Store you can also download a free inskam application dedicated for Android and iOS.

– model: digital microscope Redleaf RDE-51000M
– approximation: x1000
– digital zoom: x2
– the screen: TFT, 4.3 inch, 16:9.
– light source: 8 LEDs (adjustable in intensity)
– sharpening range: from 3 to 40 cm (manual)
– maximum resolution of the images: 1920 x 1088 px
– maximum video resolution: 1920 x 1088 px
– saved file formats: JPG/AVI
– supported operating systems: Android (from 4.4), iOS (from 9), Windows (7/8/10), Mac (from MacOS X 10.8)
– battery: 1800 mAh, lithium-ion, 3.7 V
– working time per charge: 4 h
– charging time: 5 h
– ports: micro USB

Set contents
– a microscope with an LCD screen
– Adjustable arm with suction cup
– cleaning cloth
– charging cable

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