Reporter’s strap for two G6S Fotospeed F7 cameras

Double shoulder strap GGS FOTOSPEED F7 Jaguar provides great convenience in traffic shooting.

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Double shoulder strap GGS FOTOSPEED F7 Jaguar provides great convenience in the shooting motion, saving the time required to hide equipment bag or backpack. FOTOSPEED using bar F7, we make sure that our cameras are protected against falling and can be used at any time, without restricting freedom of movement.

Shoulder Strap FOTOSPEED F7 has a continuously adjustable length with staples . It is equipped with two handles for cameras, is attached via a metal screw thread 1/4 a stand, ensuring the safety of the equipment.

stabilization – with fast lock, cameras adhere to the body and do not move during the activity, there is no need to hold their hand.
Security – high-quality materials ensure the safety of equipment, a lot of parts made of aircraft aluminum. A special coating prevents skin irritation. Additional safety strap protects against accidental stretching of.
Functionality – their construction belt adapts itself to the body, the shoulder strap has air pockets providing high convenience. Fasteners are equipped with foot-standard-Swiss Arca.

– Shoulder straps made of neoprene with additional air pockets
– straps made of ballistic nylon
– the metal parts are made of aircraft aluminum and zinc alloys
– Fasteners standard Arca-Swiss
– total length: 190 cm
– Length of the automatic matching:

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Dimensions 10 × 13 × 26 cm