Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 Wireless Audio Transmission Kit (RXDI + TX + TX)

The Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 (RXDI + TX + TX) kit is designed to conveniently capture high-quality audio while filming special events, recording webinars and interviews, live streams and broadcasts, as well as making vlogs and other content published on YouTube.

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The Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 (RXDI + TX + TX) kit was created to conveniently capture high-quality audio when filming special events, recording webinars and interviews, live streams and broadcasts, and making vlogs and other content published on YouTube. The Blink500 Pro RXDI receiver available in this package is compatible with all iPhones and iPads equipped with a Lightning connector. Plus, you get two transmitters for convenient audio recording from multiple sources. The compact components of the kit are ultra-lightweight, so you can easily take the Blink500 Pro B4 with you on any trip. The charging case will provide ultra-fast pairing as well as convenient charging of both transmitters. The included tie microphone will allow you to comfortably adjust the devices to your specific needs, providing great sound quality. The wireless audio transmission range here reaches 100 meters. Thus, creating your videos, interviews and vlogs you will gain even more freedom to work!

Main features of Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 (RXDI + TX + TX)

  • Kit with 1 receiver and 2 transmitters
  • a “plug & play” receiver ideal for use with iPhones/iPads equipped with a Lightning connector
  • high quality transmission and sound
  • durable and ultra-lightweight
  • up to 100 meters range
  • transmitters with built-in microphones
  • an easy to read OLED display used in transmitters, providing full control over recordings
  • the ability to connect to the transmitter
  • possibility to connect tie microphones (included) or an additional sound source (line input) to the transmitters
  • receiver with a switch toggle between the microphone and the receiver
  • receiver with STEREO / MONO switch
  • charging kit for convenient and fast pairing of both transmitters
  • headphone jack for listening from the receiver
  • ideal for vloggers, youtubers, web developers and journalists who record daily using iOS devices

Ideal for Apple equipment users

The Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 (RXDI + TX + TX) wireless audio kit was developed specifically for users of Apple hardware. In contrast to the B5 and B6 variants (available as separate products), which support the USB-C port, in this case relies on the Lightning connector used for years in iPhones and iPads. For the highest level of safety and compatibility, Saramonic has provided the MFi certification, which can be recognized by the characteristic “Made for Apple” logo. The Lightning connector on the receiver can easily be connected to your iPhone or iPad, even if it is in an armoured case!

Lightweight and durable

Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 is a miniature and lightweight kit for video creators who capture audio with iOS mobile devices. The package including a receiver, 2 transmitters, tie microphones and additional accessories will be ideal for filming special events and corporate events, recording webinars, streams and live broadcasts, as well as making vlogs and other materials published on YouTube. You can use the set wherever you need to record sound from two independent sources (e.g. interview). The compact components of the kit are ultra-lightweight, making the Blink500 Pro B4 easy to take on any trip. The charging case and hardened zippered pouch further facilitate convenient and safe storage of your equipment.

Full audio control

Want to make sure that the sound being recorded on your iPhone or iPad is not overdriven and the volume level is optimal? You can easily connect headphones to the Blink500 Pro RXDI receiver for proper listening and full audio quality control! As an added convenience, there is a physical switch that allows you to choose between MONO and STEREO audio. By using both transmitters for recording, you can conveniently split tracks into separate channels. This will give you more control over material recorded with two different microphones, at the post-production stage!

Ideal for vloggers

The Blink500 Pro TX transmitters are equipped with easy-to-read OLED displays. This makes controlling signal settings even more convenient! On the screens you can also check parameters such as charge level, range and communication status of the receivers. The transmitters are also equipped with physical “MUTE” buttons that mute the recorded sound with one click. All of these features are ideal for vloggers and video creators, who gain convenient access to audio settings without having to constantly glance in the direction of the receiver, smartphone or tablet. Importantly, the signal range here reaches 100 meters. So you and your interlocutors can freely move with the microphones over a large area, and high-quality audio will be recorded without any interference.

Two microphones for diverse needs

In the Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 wireless audio kit, you will find two high quality SR-M1 omnidirectional Lavalier tie microphones. This will be ideal for those who want to keep the transmitters out of sight in the frame. This solution will allow you to record sound as close as possible to the people speaking. But that’s not all. If you use the microphones built into the Blink500 Pro TX transmitters, you can use the 3.5mm mini jack input to supplement your recordings with additional audio sources. This could be an additional microphone picking up ambient sound and background music played from your player. All of this will add variety to your videos and make post-production easier.

Convenient charging and super-fast pairing

The transmitters are equipped with capacious batteries that provide up to 8 hours of continuous use. If that wasn’t enough, you can use powerbanks at any time. Yes, you’ll find micro USB ports on the Blink500 Pro TX cases where you can plug in an external power source! In addition, convenient battery power replenishment is guaranteed by the included charging case. It allows you to comfortably store your equipment, as well as pair the transmitters with the receiver with the push of a button. The Blink500 Pro BOX works wirelessly. It takes only 3 hours to charge. The 2000 mAh battery installed in the case allows you to quickly replenish the power in the transmitters.


  • IOS devices equipped with a Lightning connector:
    • Apple iPhone (from iPhone 5)
    • Apple iPad (from 4 generations)
    • Apple iPad (4th generation or higher)
    • Apple iPad Air (from iPhone 5)
    • Apple iPad Air (1st to 3rd generation)
    • Apple iPad Mini (1st generation or later)
    • Apple iPad Pro (1st and 2nd generation)


  • Model: Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 (RXDI + TX + TX)
  • Blink500 Pro RXDI receiver
    • digital transmission: 2.4 GHz
    • antenna: PiFA
    • Modulation: GFSK
    • Range: up to 2.4 GHz
    • range: up to 100 metres
    • audio output: Lightning connector (with MFi certification from Apple)
    • headphone jack: headphone jack
    • headphone jack: 3.5mm mini jack
    • Switch on the START switch
    • STEREO / MONO switch
    • power supply: from the iOS-supported devices to which the receiver will be connected
    • weight: 16.5g
    • dimensions: 31 x 82 x 12 mm
  • Blink500 Pro TX transmitter
    • digital transmission: 2.4 GHz
    • antenna: PiFA
    • bandwidth: 50Hz – 18 KHz
    • modulation: GFSK
    • Maximum sound pressure level at built-in microphone: 120 dB SPL
    • maximum sound pressure level at SR-M1 lavalier microphone: 110 dB SPL
    • sensitivity of the built-in microphone: 120 dB SPL
    • Sensitivity of the built-in microphone: -39 dB
    • Sensitivity of SR-M1 Lavalier microphone: -39 dB
    • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): > 78 dB
    • Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery or USB DC 5V
    • Display: OLD
    • display: OLED
    • mute button (“mute”)
    • Audio inputs: mini Jack 3.5 mm (Mic / Line)
    • Range: up to 10 meters
    • Range: up to 10 meters
    • Mute button
    • Range: up to 100 meters
    • weight: 32 g
    • Dimensions: 56.5 x 38 x 26.1 mm
    • Dimensions: 56.5 x 38 x 26.1 mm
  • Blink500 Pro Charging Case
    • Power supply: USB-C (5V / 1.5 A)
    • battery capacity: 3000 mAh
    • charging time: 4 hours
    • weight: 268 g
    • dimensions: 165.8 x 102.9 x 39.7 mm

Kit contents

  • 1 x Blink500 Pro RXDI receiver with Lightning connector (MFi certified by Apple)
  • 2 x Blink500 Pro TX transmitter with OLED display and built-in microphone
  • 1 x Blink500 Pro B4 charging case
  • 1 x zippered padded carrying case for Saramonic Blink500 Pro B4 wireless audio kit
  • 2 x deadcat wind shield
  • 2 x gold plated USB C / USB-A cable (30.5 cm)
  • 2 x SR-M1 omni-directional lavalier microphone
  • 2 x SR-M1 omni-directional tie microphone
  • 2 x microphone clip

Additional information

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