Saramonic SR-UM10-CC1 audio splitter – mini Jack 3.5 mm TRS / 2 x male XLR

Saramonic SR-UM10-CC1 is the highest quality stereo audio splitter equipped with a plug provided with trzypinowy 3.5mm and two trzypinowe XLR men.

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The Saramonic SR-UM10-CC1 is a top-quality stereo audio splitter equipped with a three-pin mini Jack 3.5 mm plug and two three-pin XLR male plugs.

The splitter makes it possible to connect two receivers equipped with three-pin female XLR sockets to a transmitter with a 3.5 mm mini Jack socket. The SR-UM10-CC1 is designed to work with the Saramonic UwMic9 kit, but can also be used with other compatible devices.

Aluminium, gold-plated contacts and cables made from high-grade materials guarantee clear, distortion-free sound. The braided sleeving used in the cable provides effective shielding, protecting the transmitted signals from the influence of electromagnetic fields. Rubber insulation protects the cables from mechanical damage. The plug-in locks built into the plugs prevent them from being accidentally disconnected from the socket.


  • connectors:
    • Miniature jack 3.5 mm – male, three-pin connector with plug-in lock
    • Right XLR connector – male, three-pin connector with plug-in lock
  • spiral cable
  • weight: 60 g

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 11 × 17 cm