Shotgun Microphone Saramonic SR-TM7

Saramonic SR-TM7 is capacitive monaural microphone characteristics super-cardioid dedicated for use in the manufacture of audio-video and broadcastingu.



Saramonic SR-TM7 is a capacitive, mono microphone with super-cardioid characteristic dedicated for use in the production of audio-video and broadcastingu. The microphone is made with the highest quality components. Manufacturer SR-TM7 equipped with a range of useful features. Users will appreciate the high-pass filter, amplifier and high frequency bands attenuator PAD – 10 dB. Particularly noteworthy is the built-in rechargeable battery provides power even at 150 hours. Standard XLR connector allows you to keep compatibility with all professional-grade receivers. It guarantees the highest quality signal transmission, and supplies power to the microphone from an external source phantom. All electronic components are inside the elegant cylindrical housing made of an aluminum alloy. The set apart from the microphone’s XLR cable, micro USB cable – USB charging device, foam windscreen, and the account holder with adjustable tilt. The mount allows the sled assembly microphone flash, or on a stand equipped with one of the threads: 1/4 “, 3/8”, 5/8 “. Acoustic Specyfikacjastruktura: linear gradientowacharakterystyka pattern: kardioidalnafiltr super-high-pass 75 Hz / 150 Hztłumik PAD – 10 dB. Amplifier higher frequency bands + 6 dBpasmo range: 40 Hz – 20 kHzczułość – 35 dB ± 3 dBimpedancja 200 ohmmaksymalny output level 10 dBu (1 kHz, 1% THD at OBC. 1 k) dynamic range – 120 dB (IEC651) the maximum value of the input signal 145dBstosunek signal to noise ratio: 80 dB SPL (IEC651) power – 48 V phantom.

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Dimensions 8 × 46 × 17 cm







2 years