Smartwatch Zeblaze GTR 2 – black

The Zeblaze GTR 2 is a beautifully stylish smartwatch with a round metal envelope that will become the highlight of your wrist, whether you wear it to work, a workout or a refined dinner. A unique feature of this model is the ability to make and receive calls.

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Smartwatch Zeblaze GTR 2 – black

The Zeblaze GTR 2 is a beautifully stylish smartwatch with a round metal envelope that will become the highlight of your wrist, whether you wear it to work, a workout or a refined dinner. A unique feature of this model is the ability to make and receive calls. No more reaching into your pocket to call your loved ones! The smartwatch allows you to personalise the dial, count steps and calories burned, monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygenation, watch the changing quality of your sleep, as well as display notifications from your smartphone. It is compatible with Android and iOS. Its maximum operating time on a single charge is up to 14 days! The device also meets the IP68 standard, which means that it is resistant to dust and continuous immersion in water.

Main Product Features

  • fashionable smartwatch with round metal case
  • The perfect accessory for both elegant and casual outfits
  • a great choice for active people or those looking for motivation
  • Sturdy and ultra-lightweight (strap and case together weigh only 59g)
  • Readable colour watch
  • readable 1.28 “colour touch screen
  • Detailed design
  • refined design and stylish combination of black strap and black case
  • Compatible with all the watch models
  • compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • built-in speaker
  • built-in speaker and microphone
  • call and answer calls from the smartwatch
  • display notifications
  • display smartphone notifications
  • up to 14 days of operation on a single charge
  • measurement of heart rate, blood pressure and oxygenation
  • Sleep quality monitoring
  • accurate movement measurements for 22 different sports
  • counts steps and calories burned
  • Impermeable to IP68: dustproof and protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water
  • Possibility to personalise the dial with your own photos or images
  • access to a wide range of functions
  • access to an extensive library of dials (more than 60 different designs)
  • lots of useful extras including: weather, music control, alarm clock, stopwatch, “find my phone” function, activity indicators, smartphone camera control, and reminders to encourage physical activity
  • intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • also available in silver with a brown strap

Class and style

The Zeblaze GTR 2 is a durable smartwatch that is made from zinc and aluminium alloys and stainless steel. The durable and robust materials ensure a lightweight feel and a high level of protection against bumps or scratches to the envelope. The device attracts the eye with its classic design, while maintaining a universal style. Zeblaze GTR 2 will find its way into any situation – whether paired with suits or summer polo shirts and T-shirts.

Calling and answering calls

With a smartwatch on your wrist, you can reach for your smartphone much less often. One glance at your hand is all it takes to check if the vibration in your pocket signals something urgent. With the Zeblaze GTR 2 smartwatch, you gain something else. The microphone and speaker located under the casing will allow you to make and receive phone calls! If your smartphone is within a few metres of you at any given moment, you can successfully talk to your loved ones, even when your hands are busy!

Hourly health monitoring

Zeblaze GTR 2 will help you take better care of your health. The smartwatch is equipped with precise sensors, allowing you to monitor parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure and oxygenation, and sleep quality. You can regularly monitor your body’s behaviour and see how it responds to different activities and stress levels.

Your personal trainer

The Zeblaze GTR 2 smartwatch is a great choice for active people who regularly train. By monitoring movement, the device motivates you and also allows you to track your progress. The watch offers access to 22 themed modes, based on different sports and forms of physical activity. Among the options available you will find running, cycling, mountain climbing, dancing and yoga. The smartwatch will allow you to record your movement, display your daily goals on the screen, let you know when you’ve been sitting for too long, and count how many calories you’ve burned. With a personal trainer on your wrist, it will be easier to motivate yourself to be active!


Up to 14 days on a single charge

Unlike many competing smart watches, the Zeblaze GTR 2 does not need to be charged every day. Typical use will see you reaching for the charger only once a week. You can also take advantage of the economy mode. This will provide up to 14 days of use!

Water doesn’t scare him!

The Zeblaze GTR 2 smartwatch meets the IP68 standard. This means you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, swimming in the pool or hectolitres of sweat poured out at the gym preventing you from using the device. The smart watch is also dustproof. Whether you find yourself with it in the jungle or the desert, you can count on it!


When you choose the Zeblaze GTR 2 smartwatch, you get convenient access to a host of useful functions. Alarm clock, stopwatch and timer are just a foretaste of the capabilities of this model. The device will help you find your smartphone, help you check the weather forecast, as well as provide remote control of your music player or camera. The manufacturer did not forget about the notification system from various applications.


More than 60 unique dials

The smartwatch is compatible with the GloryFit mobile app, which you can download for free from Google Play or App Store. Thanks to it, the smartwatch will always be perfectly matched to your outfit, circumstances or mood. There are currently more than 60 different dials in the Zeblaze library. And if that’s not enough, you can always reach for your favourite family photo, which will appear on the display surrounded by selected indicators, date or time.


  • Android phones (from version 6.0 upwards)


  • model: Zeblaze GTR 2
  • colour: black
  • material:
    • Bezel: aluminium alloy
    • cup: zinc-aluminium alloy
    • cup: aluminium alloy
    • button: stainless steel
    • Clasp: stainless steel
    • Cap: stainless steel
    • strap: pleasant-to-touch plastic
    • Case: stainless steel
  • chip: Realtek 8762C
  • display: 1.28″ (colour, touchscreen)
  • display: 1.28″ (colour, touchscreen)
  • screen resolution: 240 x 240 px
  • number of default dials: 5
  • number of dials available
  • number of dials available in the application: + 60 (customisable)
  • sensors: heart rate sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer
  • Protection rating: IP68 standard (dustproof, protection against the effects of continuous immersion in water)
  • use temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC
  • communication: Bluetooth 5 (Bluetooth 5)
  • communication: Bluetooth 5.0
  • battery: 230 mAh (Li-Pol)
  • battery life:
    • saving mode – up to 14 days
    • typical use – up to 7 days
  • charging time: approx. 1.5 h
  • charging time: approx.
  • Mobile application: GloryFit
  • functions:
    • clock: time, date, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch
    • health: regular heart rate measurement, daily resting heart rate, abnormal heart rate alerts, SpO2 saturation measurement, blood pressure monitoring, sleep analysis with tips, calorie burn tracking
    • daily life: phone notifications, weather, music control, “find my phone” function, “find my watch” function, “do not disturb” modes, reminders to encourage physical activity, phone calls from the watch
    • activity: step counter, goal visualisation, automatic goal adjustment, calorie counter, real-time pace and distance
    • sports: running, cycling, skipping, badminton, table tennis, tennis, mountain climbing, walking, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, hockey, dancing, spinning bike, yoga, squats, gymnastics, jumping, boating
  • Wrist circumference: 140 to 230 mm
  • strap width: 22 mm
  • Width of strap: 22 mm
  • envelope dimensions: 44 x 44 x 14 mm
  • envelope weight: 43 g
  • Weight: 59 g (with strap)

Kit contents

  • smartwatch Zeblaze GTR 2 – black
  • charging cable
  • charging cable

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