Smartwatch Zeblaze Stratos – black

Zeblaze Stratos is an advanced premium smartwatch that has been designed with the most demanding users in mind. The carbon fibre reinforced envelope and 50M waterproof rating ensure durability and comfort in harsh weather conditions. The capacious battery enables uninterrupted work on a single charge for up to 25 days!

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Smartwatch Zeblaze Stratos – black

Zeblaze Stratos is an advanced premium smartwatch that has been designed with the most demanding users in mind. The carbon fibre reinforced envelope and 50M waterproof rating ensure durability and comfort in harsh weather conditions. The capacious battery enables uninterrupted work on a single charge for up to 25 days! The smartwatch allows you to measure your heart rate, blood saturation (SpO2) and oxygen ceiling, as well as analyse the quality of your sleep. It also features a GPS module compatible with 4 different satellite navigation systems. The watch supports up to 120 different sports and activities. The device is compatible with a free mobile application for smartphones, available on Google Play and App Store.

Main product features

  • advanced smartwatch with GPS in black
  • compatible with smartphones running Android or iOS
  • water resistant class 50M
  • up to 25 days of operation on a single charge (in battery saver mode)
  • developed to work in almost all conditions
  • readable touchscreen
  • a 1.32″ easy to read touchscreen display with vivid and natural colours
  • advanced sensors for sensors and smartphones
  • possibility to perform respiratory training with the help of the watch
  • access to 4 different satellite navigation systems – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou
  • built-in compass
  • real-time monitoring of training parameters
  • more than 120 supported sports and different physical activities
  • activity analysis
  • activity analysis broken down into 6 heart rate zones
  • automatic recognition of stress levels
  • sleep quality monitoring
  • access to over 30 different dials that can be downloaded using the compatible Zeroner app
  • useful functions including: stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, phone notifications, weather, calendar, music control, “find my phone” and “find my watch” functions, “do not disturb” mode, and reminders to encourage physical activity
  • durable carbon fibre reinforced case
  • feeling silicone strap with steel clasp
  • aluminium bezel for extra screen protection
  • intuitive and comfortable wristwatch

Premium smartwatch

Zeblaze is a manufacturer of innovative smartwatches that are gaining popularity around the world. All thanks to its sensational price/performance ratio. Stratos is one of the most advanced models available in the brand’s offer. The device impresses with its modern design and durability. The envelope is made of a very durable carbon fibre-reinforced polymer. The case also features an aluminium bezel and buttons made of stainless steel. The use of these materials will allow you to enjoy the device for many years. Smartwatch Zeblaze Stratos weighs only 60 g together with a pleasant to the touch silicone strap, so many times you will forget that you have it on your wrist at all!

The perfect choice for active people

Whether you swim, run, climb mountains or regularly escape to the woods to practice survival techniques, the Zeblaze Stratos smartwatch will be the perfect companion for any of these activities. It’s a watch made for recreation, movement, breaking records and completing increasingly challenging workouts. With its help, you’ll know what real progress is! It offers support for over 120 different sports. You can track your progress with it, and count your steps and calories burned. Setting goals will help you take better care of your health and motivate you to action!


Zeblaze Stratos is a virtual trainer that can not only give you a workout, but also take care of your well-deserved rest and body recovery. The device is equipped with sensors that will automatically recognise your increasing stress levels. You will then be alerted to stop for a moment and calm down. Special breathing exercises will help you to do this and you will want to make these a permanent part of your life. Zeblaze Stratos will also help you analyse the quality of your sleep. The watch will recognise the different phases of your sleep and suggest changes to help you get more sleep.

Heart rate, saturation and oxygen ceiling

The Zeblaze Stratos smart watch is equipped with a range of sensors that will enable you to monitor parameters such as heart rate, blood saturation (SpO2) and oxygen ceiling around the clock. You can use them to effectively monitor your health and physical performance. During workouts it is also worth using the information on heart rate zones. Precise measurements will help you adjust your exercises to your specific needs, and you will know when it is time to slow down and when to increase the intensity of your activity.

Stratos won’t let you get lost!
Whether you’re travelling by car, exploring a huge city, discovering hiking trails or climbing mountains. The GPS module that the Zeblaze Stratos smartwatch is equipped with will ensure that you reach your destination safely. The watch offers a big advantage over the competition, due to its support of up to 4 satellite navigation systems. It works not only with GPS signals, but also GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou. Those who practice survival or orienteering will also appreciate the built-in compass!

Ultraditional lifetime

Unlike many competing watches, the Zeblaze Stratos does not need to be charged daily. Typical use requires you to reach for the charger every 2 weeks on average. When operating in economy mode, the watch can last up to 25 days!


Skimboarding? Mud bathing? Or maybe street workout on a rainy day? The Zeblaze Stratos smartwatch can accompany you during any of these activities. The 50M (5 ATM) water resistance class guarantees resistance to frequent contact with water and partial immersion. And you can take the watch with you to the pool. However, jumping into the ocean from a great height, water skiing and diving will not be advisable due to the high speed of the water flow.

Express yourself!

You can find the free Zeroner app on Google Play and the App Store, which will give you access to a range of unique dials that can be displayed on your smartwatch screen. Do you appreciate modern minimalism? Opt for large numerals indicating the time displayed on a solid-coloured background. Do you work out a lot? Opt for a screen with a heart rate monitor, as well as information on calories burned and steps taken. The Zeblaze Stratos watch can always be tailored to your needs, mood or outfit. And if the library of over 30 available dials isn’t enough, a few clicks are all it takes to turn your favourite family photo…. also turned into a shield!


  • Android phones (from version 6.0 upwards)
  • iOS phones (from version 9.0 upwards)


  • Model: Zeblaze Stratos smartwatch
  • Colour: black
  • Material:
    • bezel: aluminium alloy
    • cup: carbon fibre-reinforced polymer
    • button: stainless steel
    • button: stainless steel
    • clasp: stainless steel
    • strap: smooth-surfaced silicone
    • fastener: stainless steel
    • belt: silicone
  • chip: MTK2523G, ARM CORTEX-M4 208MHZ
  • display: 1,32″ (colour, touchscreen)
  • screen resolution: 360 x 360 px
  • number of default dials: 9
  • number of dials available in the application: + 30 (customisable)
  • sensors: wrist heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometric altimeter, compass
  • GPS: integrated (with support for fast location finding and consideration of altitude and slope)
  • satellite navigation systems supported: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU
  • water resistance: up to 50 m
  • use temperature: from -20ºC to 50ºC
  • communication: Bluetooth 5.1.1
  • battery: 580 mAh (Li-Pol)
  • Battery life:
    • saving mode – up to 25 days
    • typical use – up to 14 days
    • use with GPS continuously enabled – up to 40 hours
  • charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • mobile application: Zeroner
  • Functions:
    • clock: time, date, GPS time synchronisation, automatic summer and winter time, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, countdown, sunrise and sunset time
    • Health: regular heart rate measurement, daily resting heart rate, abnormal heart rate alerts, SpO2 saturation measurement, stress management, oxygen ceiling, respiratory training, sleep analysis with tips, calorie burn tracking
    • daily life: compass, phone notifications, events, calendar, weather, music control, “find my phone” function, “find my watch” function, “do not disturb” modes, reminders to encourage physical activity
    • activity: step counter, visualisation of goals, automatic adjustment of goals, notification of inactivity, calorie counter, pace and distance measured in real time
  • Sport modes:
    • basic: running, cycling, aerobics, outdoor walking, HIIT, hiking, push-ups, deep trunk muscle training, ergometer, basketball, endurance training, forearm support (plank/board), Pilates, indoor walking, skipping, triathlon, group training, orbiter, tennis, dancing, squats, dumbbell exercises, swimming, badminton, yoga, open training, football
    • indoor fitness: barbell exercises, barbell, functional training, butterfly machine, cross fit, trampoline, bodycombat, kendo, fencing, karate, stretching, air walker, vertical stepper, boxing, judo, body flexibility training, archery, parallel bars, muay thai, taekwondo, stepper, stepper exercises, strength training, bench press, pull-ups, sparring, zumba, chest exercises
    • sports with a ball: baseball, cricket, bowling, squash, football, golf, pelota, softball, croquet, table tennis, hockey, handball, billiards, sepak takraw
    • water sports: sailing, open water swimming, rowing boat, SUP, water skiing, rafting, kayaking, rowing
    • dancing: ballet, belly dancing, plaza dancing, ballroom dancing, street dancing, jazz, Latin American dancing
    • winter sports: curling, hockey, snowboarding, alpine skiing, skating, skiing, indoor skating, double plate skiing, bobsleigh, sledging, cross-country skiing
    • recreation: tug-of-war, hunting, fishing, laser tag, kite flying, darts, frisbee, multi-joint exercises, skateboarding, hula hop, rollerblading, stairs, swing, horseback riding, wrestling, tai-chi, martial arts
    • extreme sports: bungee jumping, orienteering, rock climbing, parkour, car racing, mountain biking, BMX, obstacle race
  • Wrist circumference: 140 to 230 mm
  • Strap width: 22 mm
  • Envelope dimensions: 47 x 47 x 14 mm
  • Envelope weight: 36 g
  • Weight: 60 g (with strap)

Kit contents

  • smartwatch Zeblaze Stratos – black
  • magnetic USB charger

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