Speedlite Yongnuo YN968C for Canon

Yongnuo YN968C is an innovative lamp reporter, combining the advantages of flash light and continuous. The lamp has a built-in radio receiver that allows communication with triggers in the system and YN622C Yongnuo YN560.



Yongnuo YN968C is an innovative lamp reporter, combining the advantages of flash light and continuous. The lamp has a built-in radio receiver that allows communication with triggers in the system and YN622C Yongnuo YN560.
Two types of light
characteristic YN968C head is equipped with two light sources: flash burner and a panel with LEDs. The flash generates a flash with GN 60 (ISO 100, 105mm). High power combined with short charging times ensures readiness to act at any time. In adverse lighting conditions with the help comes while the LED panel for easy shooting and focus and correct framing the scene.

modes Lamp offers three operating modes: manual, automatic and strobe.
– Manual mode (M) gives the user complete control over the parameters of the lamp. In manual mode, the power level is set manually by the user.
– strobe mode (Multi) allows you to perform a series of flashes in a single exposure, thanks to him, you can create creative photographs showing the movement in the scene.
– Automatic mode (E-TTL) will work perfectly wherever time plays an important role, eg. in the course of reportage, weddings, etc. in this mode, the lamp in cooperation with the camera adjusts the flash output based on information collected from the flash of the measurement.
Many methods
trigger Yongnuo flash fires can be YN968C in many ways:
– Foot ISO – lamp attached with a hot shoe on the sled directly camera or release radio bearers.
– PC interface – using a traditional cable connector PC sync.
– Traditional triggering flash (modes S1 and S2) – using a photocell reacts to the first flash another flash (S1), or additionally, measuring pre-flashes automatically omitting another flash (S2).
– The optical flash control transfer automation lamps compatible with Canon and Nikon (Sn and Sc).
– radio control systems YN622C and flash Yongnuo YN560 – using the built-in module.
the radio trigger flash
Built-in radio module enables communication with other flash triggers and operating systems and YN622C Yongnuo YN560. Remote triggering the flash lamp by means of radio waves in the 2.4 GHz provides greater than that of the optical trigger range (100 m). Triggered the flash does not need to “see” the flash control, so it can be hidden behind the scenes elements. Another advantage of the radio communication is the ability to remotely control the settings of multiple flash lamp interface operating in master mode.
YN622C lamp system may perform the role of master control unit controlling the parameters of the flash lamp and YN968C YN685C and lamps are connected to the triggers YN622C, YN622C II . The role of the slave unit can odpwiadać while the signal from the lamp and triggers YN968C YN622-TX YN622C and YN622C II. In this system, the lamp offers support for manual (M), strobe (Multi) and automatic (ETTL) mode, bracketinu and Flash output compensation, and also enables you to manage three groups lamps Slave (A, B and C) assigned to one of seven available channels.
the system YN560 flash can only be set as a slave unit. In this mode it is compatible with triggers YN560-TX, RF605 and RF603 (set mode YN560). YN560 system offers support for manual (M) and the strobe (multi) mode, and also to manage groups of six tubes (A, B, C, D, E and F) assigned to one of the sixteen channels.
The optical flash control (Sc / Sn)
YN968C can also be used as a slave unit system of the optical flash control. May receive and respond to an optical signal from the lamp Yongnuo YN568EX II 580EX II Canon, Nikon SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910 and embedded Canon tubes (600D, 60D, 7D) and Nikon. In this mode, the lamp can be operated in manual mode and TTL.
sync shutter speed (HSS)
mode allows the HSS can synchronize with each flash shutter speed to 1/8000 second. The advanced flash control system adjusts YN968C a series of very short flashes movement curtains guaranteeing the correct lighting scene. In standard mode when shooting times shorter than the synchronization time (depending on the camera model – usually 1/250 sec) is not present point in time at which the entire array would be exposed by the shutter slit. The flash is so short that it does not cover the entire course of the shutter. As a result of the frame is underexposed. HSS is a response to this limitation.
Flash compensation (FEC)
This is a feature that allows to influence the strength of the flash operating in automatic mode, E-TTL. After setting the compensation of all the flashes will be performed with the correction power, so as to help achieve the desired effect by the photographer. For example, the FEC set at -1 EV will reduce power flashes so that illuminated the topic was underexposed by 1 exposure.
FV Bracketing (FEB)
Bracket FV is a tool especially useful in situations where the lighting scene is changing rapidly or where the user is not sure of what power to illuminate the frame. Bracket setting makes three consecutive flashes of the lamp will be executed with different power (eg. Underexposed image, properly lit, overexposed). This feature increases the likelihood of correctly exposed images in challenging lighting conditions.
Sync on both curtain
mode enables creative use of flash effect at the beginning or end of the exposure. The lamp offers YN968C Yongnuo flash synchronization with both the first and second curtain, which allows a significant impact on the nature of the pictures. Liberation second curtain flash (at the end of exposure) captures the effect of motion for an object, for example. Smudges for the vehicle occupants. In the case of flashes on the first curtain (the beginning of exposure) blur zastanemu registered by the light in front of the moving object in the scene.
direction and angle of flash – light of different nature
head lamp offers a wide range of motion, which facilitates its quick setting in the desired direction. Automatic and manual zoom burner tube diffusers (for both light source) and the reflector enable creative selection of the selected scene lighting.
continuous readiness to work
used in flash systems allow to shorten the time between two discharges (from and the full power of the primary power supply) for 3 seconds. so that the device provides almost constant readiness to work.

Universal Power Supply The main power source for the flash Yongnuo YN968C are four cells (batteries) AA. Compatible with universal cell, commonly available in stores around the world that makes the lamp can operate virtually anywhere. Additionally, to optimize the lamp is equipped with the power saving function, which in the case of a long idle automatically turns off the lamp.

High performance To further enhance the performance of the device can be connected to an external water on him or battery power bank for example, . YN5200. Additional external power source reduces the time between flashes, and extend the operating time without having to replace batteries.

IA Assistant Front-assist illuminator lamp operation auto-focus system makes it easy to capture perfectly sharp pictures in low light conditions. < br />
Easy to control Easy to read, backlit LCD display and intuitive and feature-rich menus make it easy to navigate the functions of the lamp, and large and comfortable buttons for ease of use even when wearing gloves. You can also enable and disable signal to indicate the charge and ready to re-flash. In cooperation with newer Canon cameras is available control parameters flash from the camera.

long life flash YN968C Components are made of high quality materials to ensure long life. Advanced system protects the device from overheating. In case of detection of high temperature equipment protection mechanism notifies the user, and then reduce the available functions, thus protecting the lamp against damage.

Full compatibility Micro USB port for updating software ensures compatibility with flash new models of cameras.

accessory kit complete with lamp cover are practical, CTO filter to the LED panel and the stand with a stand mount female 1/4 “.

Specifications – number guiding: 60 GN (ISO 100, 200 mm) <

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 10 × 22 cm







2 years