TaoTronics TT-DL033 Rechargeable Table Lamp

Exciting mix of shifting colors: select up to 256 vibrant colors or choose carousel mode for an ever-changing lineup of mesmerizing lights.
Dimmable bedside companion: gradual dimming provides an adjustable warm white light to suit sleepers young and old.


Long lasting and convenient use: rechargeable 4000mAh battery provides 7-110 hours of fun while memory mode remembers the last light used, 110 Hours at minimum brightness.
Reliable and responsive touch panel: operate the lamp including adjusting the brightness and choosing colors with a simple tap on the sensitive touch panel located on the top of the lamp.
Calming natural design: go back to nature with a simple, wooden design that suits anyone with an interest in minimalism.

Exciting Mix of Shifting Colors For those that want more than just a white light, a cornucopia of vibrant attractive RGB colors is gently emitted, adding a layer of class and style to your traditional bedside lamp. If you prefer to view all the exciting colors, carousel mode allows you to cycle through them in a mesmerizing light sequence. Long Lasting and Convenient Use For soft luminance to carry you through multiple dark nights, the 4000mAh battery provides 7-110 hours of light on a single charge depending on the brightness setting. It is not just the extensive operational time that makes this lantern convenient, the memory function also allows it to remember the last light setting used so you can access the color and brightness that best suits your sleep by simply turning the lamp on. Reliable and Responsive Touch Panel Free of buttons and switches, this light and stylish lamp offers touch responsive gradual dimming for both a modern and a silent operation. Simply tap the touch panel located on the top of the bedside lantern to switch it on or off, to select your favorite color, or to adjust the brightness. Calming Natural Design We all feel the call of nature which is why this handheld LED lantern is constructed with a rustic, natural look. The wooden design of the lantern looks attractive and is suitable for those interested in a minimalist, portable lamp.

What’s In The Box:1 x TaoTronics Touch Control Lantern (Model: TT-DL033)
1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

Note:110 hours of light are only available on the lowest brightness setting.

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