Techart PRO – Leica M / Sony E Autofocus adapter


The Techart Pro LM-EA7 bayonet adapter LM-EA7 is a dream come true for any photographer or filmmaker in love with an image drawn with an analog lens from Leica M, Voigtalnder VM, or Zeiss ZM. The adapter not only allows you to connect them to cameras with Sony E mount, but also offers a fully working autofocus!

Moving the legend
M system lenses are designed with the best optical quality in mind. There are no compromises in terms of weight or material in these instruments, and there is no autofocus system forcing low weight lenses and constructional concessions. Metal tubes and the highest quality lenses allow you to achieve stunning results. Photos captured by them have their own unique character, while being incredibly detailed and sharp. Of course, if the focus is set correctly, which is not so easy with manual sharpening. This is where the Techart PRO LM-EA7 adapter comes in.

The impossible becomes reality
Techart PRO LM-EA7 does not interfere with the operation of the lens mounted on it, does not move its rings or add any optical element that could change the character of the created image. So how is the focus set? The adapter is equipped with an extremely precise motor that brings the whole lens closer and farther away from the sensor. A built-in circuit board combined with the camera’s electronics determines the correct position for the lens, sharpening the image at the desired point.

Fast and precise
Carefully selected components and constantly developed software guarantee fast and precise work. Depending on the camera used, sharpening can be as fast and precise as with AF-enabled lenses. The adapter works best with Sony A7 and A7R cameras (from the second generation), A9, A6300, A6500.

Techart PRO enables sharpening not only in AF-S mode, but also in continuous AF-C mode, which is irreplaceable when shooting moving subjects. With the LM-EA7 bayonet adapter, you can also use your favourite lenses for sports and nature photography.

Closer to new possibilities
Apart from the lack of autofocus, M system lenses have one more inconvenience – they do not allow sharpening at close range. The adapter not only ensures an efficient AF, but also, similarly to existing helicoid adapters, reduces the minimum sharpening distance offered by the lens. With Techart PRO, the macro world is open to you!

A small powerhouse
The Techart Pro LM-EA7 weighs only 133 g, making it ideal for use with M System’s small lenses, but its light weight does not mean it’s fragile or weak. The motor of the device ensures smooth operation with lenses weighing up to 700 g. The metal, well-fitting housing gives you a feeling of solidity and security.

Not only M
The LM-EA7 adapter is equipped with an M mount. This does not mean, however, that its usability ends only with the range finder lenses. With the appropriate Leica M bayonet adapter, you can breathe new life into the lenses with mountings:
– Canon FD
– Leica R
– • L39
– Nikon F
– Canon EF
– Pentax K
– Contax Yashica C/Y
– Minolta MD
– • M42
– Olympus OM
– Sony Alpha
– Exakta
– Contarex CRX
– QBM rollers
– Arri EN
– Konica AR

There’s more to it than that.
Autofocus in classic manual lenses, close-up sharpening, great compatibility and perfect workmanship. What more do you want? Techart engineers know the answer to this question – image stabilization. The adapter and a complementary mobile application allow you to store in the memory of the device up to 10 lenses with their parameters (focal length, aperture). This data allows Sony cameras to support the photographer with a 3-axis image stabilization system.

– model: Techart Pro LM-EA7
– Lens mount: Leica M
– body mount: Sony E
– Capacity: up to 700 g
– weight: 133 g (without accessories)
– dimensions: 6,4 x 8,0 x 1,9 cm

– Lenses with Leica M mount
– Lenses for other systems via Leica M bayonet adapter
– Sony A6300, A6500, A7 II, A7R II, A7 III, A7R III, A7R III, A9 cameras

Set contents
– bayonet adapter
– Leica M Decals
– Sony E decanters

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