Techart TZE-01 – Sony E / Nikon Z Adapter


Techart TZE-01 is a bayonet adapter that allows you not only to mount the lenses of the Sony E system on Nikon Z cameras, but also to enjoy full communication between the two devices.

2 millimeters of incredible technology
The TZE-01 uses 2 millimeters of distance difference between the matrices and fixtures in both systems. Despite this small footprint, Techart’s designers have created a robust, robust adapter that can hold even heavier G-Master lenses. Inside the bayonet, there is an electronic circuit that allows two systems to communicate.

Autofocus, stabilization, aperture
The built-in processor in the adapter ensures smooth and fast operation of the autofocus system in AF-S, AF-C, Face/eye detection in AF mode and manual focus in MF mode. The adapter supports image stabilization systems and ensures that EXIF data is transferred from the lens to the camera. Techart TZE-01 allows you to use the full potential of your Sony E lenses on Nikon mirrorless lenses.

Sony, Sigma, Tamron…
On the photo and video market you can find many great lenses equipped with Sony E mount, produced by independent brands. Techart TZE-01 enables cooperation not only with lenses produced by Sony, but also with other manufacturers, such as Sigma, Tamron, Samyang or Voigtlander.

Always up to date
To ensure that the adapter is always compatible with the latest lenses and cameras, the manufacturer will update its software. Simply connect the adapter to your computer using a USB cable and the included station and upload the latest software. Working with the current version of the software will allow you to get the best results.
Note: The Techart TZE-01 adapter software, similarly to other bayonet adapters available on the market, is based on reverse engineering results. Despite the widest desire and huge amount of work put into software development, we are not able to guarantee full functionality of the device with all lenses and cameras. The current list of known problems is available on the manufacturer’s website:

* Samyang / Rokinon lenses are currently NOT supported. This may change in future firmware update. MF lenses are currently NOT supported too. We do NOT suggest using together with our Techart PRO adapter.

– model: Techart TZE-01
– lens mount: Sony E
– Body mount: Nikon Z
– weight: 45 g (without accessories)
– dimensions: 6,8 x 6,4 x 0,9 cm

– Sony E mount lenses
– Nikon Z cameras without mirrors

Set contents
– bayonet adapter
– docking station

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