Yongnuo YN300 Air II LED Light – RGB, WB (3200 K – 5500 K)

Yongnuo YN300 Air II is a powerful but compact LED lamp that allows remote control with the included remote control. It is equipped with a high color rendering index diodes, covering the range of 3200 – 5600 K and full RGB spectrum. Can be powered by NP-F battery or AC adapter. It is an excellent and creative solution for any mobile filmmaker or photographer.

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Warm, cold, colorful
The lamp is equipped with three types of LEDs, which allow you to adjust the color temperature in the range 3200 K – 5600 K and to obtain a full range of RGB colors. With our lamp you will build and illuminate scenes with a diverse and unique mood. The LEDs generate a bright light flux of maximum 2268 lm. We can smoothly control the power of light in jumps of 1 or 10 degrees.

Excellent quality and color of light

YN300 Air II panel has no flicker effect known from cheaper LED lamps. The high color rendering index (CRI) of 95+ makes the Yongnuo lamp perfect for professionals during both filming and photography. The soft and diffused light will be provided by a milky diffuser, which also acts as a protection for the LEDs behind it.

Special effects
The lamp offers a number of predefined special modes. YN300 Air II allows to simulate advanced lighting effects known from everyday life, such as: lightning flashes, climatic candlelight, sunrise, fireworks or flashing police car lights.

Wireless control
The YN300 Air II offers a wireless control option. With the help of the supplied remote control we can remotely control the lighting parameters, without having to approach the lamp. The range of the remote control is about 15 meters. It is possible to combine multiple YN300 Air II series lamps and assign them to one of 8 independent groups.

Two power sources
Yongnuo YN300 Air II can be powered in two ways. Depending on whether you work in the studio or outdoors, you can choose between a stationary power supply (DC 12 V / 2 A) or a mobile battery from the NP-F series.
*power supply and battery are not part of the set

Additional accessories
The lamp is equipped with an adapter that can be slid into the foot on the camera or screwed to a lighting tripod with a standard 1/4″ thread. Additional plastic foot known from reporter lamps allows to put the lamp on a desk or other flat surface. As if that wasn’t enough, the set includes a comfortable, screw-on handle and a stylish protective cover made of soft mesh.

– model: Yongnuo YN300 Air II
– power: max. 18 W
– Luminous flux: 1235 – 2268 lm
– CRI coefficient: 95+
– color temperature of light: 3200 K – 5600 K + RGB
– number of LEDs: 208
– 54 LEDs with a color temperature of 3200 K
– 54 LEDs with color temperature 5600 K
– 100 RGB SMD diodes
– light angle: 110°
– Estimated lifetime of the LED panel: 50000 h
– power supply:
– battery: NP-F type battery (not included)
– mains: 12 V / 2 A DC power supply (not supplied)
– battery: CR2032 for remote control (not included)
– remote control range: up to 15 m
– dimensions: 21.6 x 18.7 x 5.2 cm
– weight: 530 g

Set contents:
– LED lamp Yongnuo YN300 Air II – RGB, WB (3200 K – 5600 K)
– remote control
– protective sleeve
– comfortable handle
– plastic footer

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