Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display

The Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display is the next installment of one of the best-selling manual flash units. Speedlight with built-in RF receiver is the perfect choice for strobing enthusiasts. The Negative Display version is equipped with a new, easy to read LCD screen. It is compatible with RF603, RF602 and YN560 TX wireless systems.



The Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display is the next installment of one of the best-selling manual flash units. Speedlight with built-in RF receiver is the perfect choice for strobing enthusiasts. The Negative Display version is equipped with a new, easy to read LCD screen. It is compatible with RF603, RF602 and YN560 TX wireless systems.

High power and precise flash control
The YN560 IV Negative Display features a high flash guide number of GN 58. The high power and wide control range (from 1/1 to 1/128, with 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV increments) allow you to precisely adjust the flash power to match the lighting conditions.

Operating modes
The flash offers two modes: manual and strobe.

Manual mode (M) gives the user full control over the flash parameters. In manual mode, the flash power is set manually by the user.
The stroboscopic mode (Multi) allows you to perform a series of flashes during a single exposure, so you can create creative photographs showing the movement of the subject in the frame.

Multiple triggering methods
The new version of Yongnuo YN560 Speedlight can be triggered in many ways:

ISO shoe – the flash attached using the hot shoe directly to the camera sled or radio trigger.
PC connector – using a cable with a traditional PC sync connector.
Traditional flash triggering (S1 and S2 modes) – using a photocell that reacts to the first flash of another flash unit (S1) or, additionally, automatically skipping the pre-flash of another flash unit (S2).
Yongnuo RF602 and RF603 wireless flash triggering systems – using built-in module.
Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display flash

Radio-frequency flash triggering system
Built-in radio communication module enables communication with other flash units and triggers working with Yongnuo RF602 and RF603 systems. Remote flash triggering via 2.4 GHz radio waves provides a longer range (up to 100 m) than optical triggering. The triggered flash also does not have to “see” the flash of the controlling flash, so it can be hidden behind the elements of the scene. Another advantage of radio communication is the ability to remotely control the settings of multiple lamps from the interface of a lamp working in master mode.

In Slave (RX) mode, Yongnuo YN560 IV can operate on one of 16 available communication channels and one of 18 groups. This allows precise control over multiple lamps “linked” into groups, as well as free operation in a shared space with other photographers working on similar radio systems. As a slave lamp, YN560 IV can be triggered by RF signal from YN720, YN660, YN560 IV lamps and YN560 TX, RF602, RF603 triggers.

As a Master (TX) unit, the YN560 IV Negative Display can control the YN720, YN685, YN660, YN560 IV, YN560 III lamps, arranged in three groups on one of 16 available radio communication channels.

Two Curtain Synchronization
This mode allows you to creatively use the flash effect at the beginning or end of an exposure. The Yongnuo YN560 VI flash offers both first and second-curtain flash synchronization, allowing you to significantly influence the character of your images. Flashing at the second curtain (at the end of the exposure) allows you to capture the effect of movement behind the subject, such as streaks behind a moving car. In the case of first-curtain flash (at the beginning of the exposure), the blur created by the light is in front of the moving subject.

Ready to use at any time
The power management system used in the flash reduces the time between flashes (at full power and basic power) to just 3 seconds, so the flash is ready to fire at almost any time.

Simple control
The high-contrast backlit LCD Negative Display and intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus allow you to conveniently navigate the lamp’s functions. Large, well-illustrated buttons ensure comfortable operation, even in low-light conditions. The lamp also offers an optional beeper system for status information.

Light tailored to your needs
The design of the Yongnuo YN560 IV Speedlight allows you to quickly and easily shape the nature of the light it generates. The movable head with manual zoom function, built-in diffuser and reflector allow you to creatively modify the style of light generated to suit your scene.

Safety system
An advanced system protects components from overheating. In the event of overheating, a safety mechanism informs the user and then limits the available flash functions, protecting the flash from damage.

Universal power supply
The Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display reporter lamp is powered by four AA-type cells (batteries or rechargeable batteries). Compatibility with popular, widely available power cells makes the flash can be used virtually anywhere in the world. In addition, to optimize the operation of the lamp, it is equipped with a power saving function that automatically turns off the lamp in the case of prolonged inactivity.

Additional power source
To further increase the unit’s performance, an external power bank or battery tray, such as the SF-18C or SF-17C can be connected to the unit. The additional external power source allows you to extend the operating time without changing batteries and reduce the time it takes to charge the next flash.

Software upgrade
The YN560 IV is equipped with a micro USB port. We can download the latest software from the official Yongnuo website. The manufacturer cares about the development of its products and ensures compatibility with new camera models.

model: Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display
guide number (GN): 58 (ISO 100, 105 mm)
flash color temperature: 5600 K

operation modes:
manual (M)
stroboscopic (Multi)
S1 / S2
Slave (RX)
Master (TX)

Flash duration: 1/200 – 1/20000 s
flash power adjustment: 1/128 – 1/1 with steps of 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV
charging time: approx. 3 s at full power
burner zoom: 24 – 105 mm
range of vertical torch movement: -7° – 90°
horizontal torch movement range: 0° – 270°
power supply: 4 x AA batteries
capacity approx. 100 – 1500 flashes
optical trigger range: 10 – 25 m
radio trigger range: up to 100 m (in open area)
radio signal frequency: 2.4 GHz

triggering methods:
ISO shoe – on camera sled or radio trigger
PC sync connector
optical flash triggering (S1 and S2)
Yongnuo RF602 and RF603 radio-flash triggering systems – using built-in module

hot shoe
1/4″ female tripod mount in the flash stand

additional ports
micro USB (for software updates)
PC sync (for trigger via cable)
external charging (for additional battery pack)
dimensions: 6.0 x 19.0 x 7.8 cm
weight: 360 g (without accessories)

other product features
large, backlit LCD screen
built-in reflector and diffuser
first or second curtain shutter synchronization
micro USB port for software updates
Sounder (can be turned off)
Power saving mode
Overheat protection
Auto save of last used settings
built-in radio controller

– cameras Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax etc. equipped with a hot shoe in ISO standard
– cameras equipped with a PC socket (using a PC sync cable)
– in S1 and S2 mode compatible with most flash units and cameras available on the market

Yongnuo RF603 and RF602 wireless flash control systems
Slave (RX) compatible with: Yongnuo YN720, YN660, YN560 IV flashes and YN560 TX, RF602, RF603, RF-605 triggers
Master (TX) compatible with: Yongnuo YN720, YN685, YN660, YN560 IV, YN560 III lamps

Contents of set
Yongnuo YN560 IV Negative Display flash
1/4″ threaded flash stand
cover for flash

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