Feiyutech Vimble 2S Teleskop-Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

FeiyuTech Vimble 2S is another, third edition of gimbal, known and loved by users all over the world. Gimbal created for filming with a device that we always have with us – a smartphone. Vimble 2S offers a number of practical and proven solutions that will help you delight your friends with perfectly smooth recordings of your holidays and everyday life.

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The evolution on the go
The new version is based on the achievements of its predecessors. Gimbal retains its low weight and ergonomic shape known from the Vimble 2 model. However, the manufacturer has made several improvements which make the daily use of gimbal easier and more precise. Apart from the new electronics and improved software, gimbal has received axle locks for easy transport and storage.

One universal tool
Vimble 2S is designed to provide one comprehensive solution for most mobile filmers. The device not only stabilizes the smartphone during recording, but also provides a convenient grip and remote control over the camera settings.

Four stabilization modes
FeiyuTech Vimble 2S offers the four most frequently used stabilization modes. These will allow you to easily achieve the desired effect by adjusting the device characteristics to your vision.

– Panning mode – in this mode, the smartphone follows the handle rotation smoothly while maintaining a constant position relative to the horizon.

– Lock mode – the camera lens keeps a constant direction – rotation on all axes is locked in a preset position.

– Tracking mode – in this mode, the phone follows the movement of the handle rotation smoothly and up and down.

– Multi-axis tracking mode – in this mode, the phone lens smoothly follows the movement of the gimbal mount in all three axes.

Gimbal to self
Vimble 2 has conquered the hearts of millions of fans with its built-in self-contained stickie. It was also a great addition to the new Vimble 2S. The 18-centimeter telescopic arm that allows you to move the phone away from the handle allows you to change perspective and makes it easier to take popular selfie and group photos.

Vertical and horizontal
Gimbal will allow you to easily record your movies not only in a horizontal position, but also in a more and more popular vertical arrangement. Vimble 2S allows you to set the default layout of your phone and quickly switch between settings. Millions of viewers on YouTube, Stream and Tik Toku are waiting for you!

Faster set-up and longer operation
New components and refined software have significantly improved the comfort and quality of the device. Recorded films are even smoother, and gimbal no longer needs to be precisely balanced, thanks to which the preparation for filming itself takes much less time. The built-in rechargeable battery provides energy for up to 12 hours of work and gives the possibility to share it with a mounted smartphone.

Do you like your video recording application? You don’t have to give it up! Vimble 2S works with native photo video apps on smartphones, iOS and Android.

More possibilities
Do you require more from gimbal? The FeiyuON application can offer you additional functions such as object or face tracking or programmed actions. They will allow you to easily obtain spectacular effects known from the silver screen.

Intuitive Bedienung
Controlling the device is extremely simple and intuitive, despite the multitude of functions offered. It is done by means of three function buttons, a switch and a joystick located in comfortable places on the gimbal’s handle. The LED display shows the selected operating mode and battery charge level. It takes just a moment to learn all the functions it offers.

model: FeiyuTech Vimble 2S
weight: 272g (without accessories)
power supply: built-in battery (up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge)
Load capacity: up to 210 g
1/4″ female tripod mountings
Farbe: schwarz

smartphones up to 210 g and 57 to 84 mm wide

Set contents:
gimbal Vimble 2S
USB – micro USB cable
micro USB cable – micro USB
micro USB cable – USB-C
micro USB cable – Lightning
stiffened case
gimbal tripod

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