Camrock Tank X60 Camera Bag

Camrock Tank X60 ist die größte Tasche, die in unserem Shop erhältlich ist. Sie wurde für Profis und Amateure entwickelt, die viel Ausrüstung transportieren. Sie kombiniert hohe Kapazität und komfortable Nutzung. Sie ist aus hochwertigen Materialien gefertigt, die eine lange Lebensdauer und Schutz für die Ausrüstung bieten. Die Tasche hat spezielle Gurte, die an einem Stativ befestigt werden können, und eine regenfeste Abdeckung, die in einer Tasche versteckt ist.

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Die Camrock Tank X60 is the largest bag for professionals and amateurs looking to carry an above-average amount of gear. The large capacity goes hand in hand with functionality and convenience of use. Made of the best materials, it guarantees high durability and safety of the carried equipment. The bag has a mount for a tripod and a retractable rain cover.

Wichtigste Produktmerkmale

  • Carries 2 bodies, 8 lenses, flash and a range of other accessories,
  • can be configured with up to 14 compartments,
  • 2 exterior zippered pockets,
  • 2 exterior mesh pockets,
  • 4 zippered interior pockets,
  • additional pockets and compartments inside the bag,
  • pod attachment straps underneath,
  • retractable rain cover,
  • rubber feet underneath,
  • convenient handle for holding,
  • length-adjustable shoulder strap with soft pad,
  • clamps to secure the main compartment,
  • metal belt buckles,

The main compartment, thanks to adjustable dividers, can be freely configured and divided into up to 14 sections. Any configuration ensures optimal use of space and perfect adaptation to the equipment and user’s needs. The bag will accommodate 2 bodies, 8 lenses, flash and a range of other accessories such as compact camera, camcorder, filters, chargers, remotes, batteries, readers, etc.

The Camrock Tank X60 has multiple compartments and pockets to ensure excellent organization of accessories:

  • two exterior zippered pockets,
  • two external mesh side pockets for carrying handy accessories,
  • four interior zippered pockets,
  • additional pockets and compartments inside the bag,

It comes with a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap, with metal buckles for quick installation or removal. For maximum comfort, the bag is also equipped with a carrying handle covered with a special layer of non-slip material. Underneath the bag are special handles that allow you to attach a tripod using the included mounting straps.

The Camrock Tank X60 is designed to provide the user with maximum utility and protection. All hems are made of specially selected, durable material while the walls of the bag are made of 680D TXP nylon, ensuring high resistance to external factors. The interior is made of fabric-covered foam, which provides even greater security for the equipment carried. The bottom of the bag is protected by special pads to further protect your equipment from moisture and damage. The bag comes with a retractable rain cover, which further protects your equipment from the elements.

The materials used to make the bag guarantee its extraordinary durability. These are: 900D Polyester, 160D polyester Ripstop, 680D TXP nylon, PE foam.


  • model: Camrock Tank X60
  • exterior dimensions:
    • Höhe: 26 cm
    • width: 47 cm
    • thickness/depth: 34 cm
  • Innenabmessungen
    • Höhe: 22 cm
    • width: 43 cm
    • thickness/depth: 24 cm

Inhalt des Sets

  • Camrock Tank X60 photo bag


  • 2 Jahre (Herstellergarantie)

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 32 × 48 × 25 cm