Fotopro X-Aircross 1C Grau Stativ

Fotopro X-Aircross 1C is probably the fastest tripod in the world. Thanks to the Quick Twisting Lock technology, its legs spread out in the blink of an eye. You’ll never miss a fleeting moment again.



The tripod is made of carbon fibre and aluminium-magnesium alloy. This extraordinary tripod is incredibly light, compact and durable. It weighs as much as nothing, so you won’t even feel like you’re carrying it around all day. The X-Aircross is a great hiking companion that will provide solid support for your camera.

Fast and shapely legs

Quick Twisting Lock – with this patent you can quickly adjust the height of the tripod to your needs. The individual sections can be locked or unlocked with a quick twisting lock. In addition, one of the legs of the tripod is equipped with a stylish silicone handle for easy carrying of the whole set.

From the top to the claws

The three-stage tilt system allows comfortable and stable positioning of the tripod legs at the right angle, regardless of the shape of the ground. Rubber feet provide excellent grip on slippery and smooth surfaces.

The world stands on its head

The Fotopro X-Aircross 1C tripod is equipped with a central column with a reverse mount function. This solution is especially useful in macrophotography and for shots from the so-called “frog perspective”.

Zusätzliche Last

An der Unterseite der Säule befindet sich ein ausziehbarer Haken, an dem Sie eine Tasche oder einen Fotorucksack aufhängen können. Das zusätzliche Gewicht wird das Stativ beschweren und seine Stabilität verbessern.

A great ball head

The X-Aircross 1C tripod is equipped with the Fotopro FPH-42Q ball head with a lifting capacity of 8 kg. The head has two independent and comfortable to use knobs. One of them is used to block the ball during tilting, the other one blocks the movement of the rotating base of the head.

The FPH-42Q will prove its worth both when framing dynamically changing scenes, e.g. in sports photography, and when refining shots in landscape or architecture photography. A precise 360° scale, applied to the swivel base, makes it easy to create wide, breathtaking panoramas.

Arca-Swiss an Bord

With the quick-mount plate, made in the very popular Arca-Swiss standard, you can quickly mount the camera on the tripod head. Rubber, anti-slip pads on the upper surface of the tile provide a secure and safe attachment of the equipment. The quick release coupling also has additional protection against accidental slipping out of the head.

That is not all – accessories

In addition to the tripod, head and quick coupler you will also find in the package:

– comfortable carrying case with shoulder strap
- Karabinerhaken
- Tastensatz

This set will allow you to conveniently transport the tripod from place to place and perform simple maintenance work if necessary.

Garantierte Verlässlichkeit

Thoughtful construction, highest quality materials and precision of workmanship make the product will serve for years. Tripods from the X-Aircross series are covered by a six-year manufacturer’s warranty!

Set: Fotopro X-Aircross 1C tripod with ball head FPH-42Q

- das Material der Verarbeitung:
- Kohlefaser
- Aluminiumlegierung
- maximale Belastung: 8 kg
- Gewicht: 815 g
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 131.5 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 109 cm
– minimum working height: 38 cm
– height in transport position: 35.5 cm

Stativ (Spezifikation ohne Kopf)
– model: Fotopro X-Aircross 1C
- Farbe: grau
- das Material der Verarbeitung:
- Kohlefaser
- Aluminiumlegierung
- maximale Belastung: 8 kg
– weight: 600 g
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 123 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 100.7 cm
– minimum working height: 29,5 cm
– height in transport position: 35.5 cm
– number of leg sections: 4
– leg section diameters: 22, 19, 16, 13 mm
– type of leg lock: Quick Twisting Lock
– head fixture: with 3/8″ screw
- der Durchmesser der Plattform unter dem Kopf: 37 mm
- andere Merkmale:
– central column with reverse mounting possibility
– non-slip silicone grip
- drei Positionen der Beinspannweite
- Haken

BallHead (Spezifikation nicht inklusive Stativ)
- Modell: Fotopro FPH-42Q
- Kopftyp: Kugelkopf
- Farbe: grau
- Material: Aluminiumlegierung
- maximale Belastung: 8 kg
- Gewicht: 215 g
– height: 8.3 cm
- der Durchmesser der Basis: 4 cm
- der Durchmesser der Kugel: 2,5 cm
- Stativhalterung: 3/8″ Gewinde
- andere Merkmale:
- zwei unabhängige Neigungs- und Panoramafixierknöpfe
- Neigungswinkel für präzises Schwenken
- Kompatibilität mit Arca-Swiss Standard-Schnellmontageplatten
- Pegel

Inhalt des Sets
– Fotopro X-Aircross 1C tripod – grey
– Fotopro ball head FPH-42Q – grey
- Arca-Swiss-Standard-Schnellwechselplatte
– shoulder strap case
- Tastensatz
- Karabinerhaken

– 6 years

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 0.995 kg