Fotopro X2 Lite Tripod – Black

Fotopro X2 Lite is a solid and lightweight tripod, designed for every photography lover and amateur. It will be perfect for people using lighter DSLR cameras, compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, sports cameras and mobile phones.

The model is equipped with a 3D head with a quick release coupling and a central column which can be pulled out with a convenient crank. Thick, aluminium legs with a special cross-section guarantee stability and durability of the whole structure.

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Robust support for your equipment

The Fotopro X2 Lite tripod is designed for use with cameras, video cameras and mobile devices such as mobile phones or sports cameras. The tripod’s load capacity allows you to mount equipment weighing up to 4 kg on it.

The height of the tripod can be adjusted from 53 cm to 157 cm. This range ensures comfortable work even for tall people.

The tripod legs consisting of three sections are made of high quality aluminium, while the head is made of durable plastic. The length of the legs can be adjusted independently, so you can level the tripod in any, even very uneven terrain. The legs are locked with easy-to-use latches.

Functional head with quick-release plate

The 3D head, which the Fotopro X2 Lite tripod is equipped with, allows you to operate the camera mounted on it in all planes. Thanks to this solution, both horizontal and vertical shooting is extremely simple and intuitive.

The quick-mount plate attached to the head has a standard 1/4″ tripod mount, which allows you to screw it to virtually any camera model. The non-slip plastic that the surface is covered with adheres perfectly to the body, providing a secure hold and scratch protection for the camera installed on it. Thanks to the quick-release fastener, it takes a short time to attach the camera to the head.

Comfort and safety

The quick-mount plate is not the only element of the tripod that can improve the comfort of use.

The Fotopro X2 Lite tripod is additionally equipped with a convenient crank handle for extending the central column. The column is secured against spontaneous fall by a locking knob and a built-in pressure adjustment system.

The non-slip feet with joints adjust to the inclination of the ground and significantly improve the stability of the tripod.

A practical cover is also included. The cover secures the tripod and makes it easy to transport during travel.

The length of the folded tripod is 55 cm and its weight is only 1.29 kg. Fotopro X2 Lite is an excellent choice for photographers who appreciate mobility and ease of use.

Weiteres Zubehör

The set, together with the Fotopro X2 Lite tripod, includes accessories for mounting mobile phones and sports cameras. This creates additional possibilities for users of mobile photo and video equipment.

High quality and guarantee of reliability

Thoughtful design and high quality materials make the product will serve for years. In addition, all Fotopro tripods come with a six-year warranty!

The Fotopro X2 Lite tripod is an excellent choice for both amateurs and more advanced photography lovers.


– model: Fotopro X2 Lite
- Farbe: schwarz
– material: aluminium and plastic
- maximale Belastung: 4 kg
– weight: 1.29 kg
– maximum working height with centre column extended: 157 cm
– maximum working height with lowered central column: 126 cm
– minimum working height: 53 cm
– height in transport position: 55 cm
- Anzahl der Beinabschnitte: 3
– type of leg lock: snaps
– the head type: 3D
– cranked-out central column
- Anti-Rutsch-Stativfußkappen
– the knob for blocking the tripod leg span position
- Stufe

– cameras, camcorders and other devices and accessories fitted with a standard 1/4″ female tripod mount
– smartphones (supplied with the kit)
– GoPro sports cameras (mounts included)

Inhalt des Sets
– Fotopro X2 Lite tripod with 3D head
– quick-release plate
– telephonographical tripod
– Tripod adapter for GoPro sports cameras
- Abdeckung

- 6 Jahre (Herstellergarantie)

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