GGS Larmor GEN5 LCD-Schutz- und Gegenlichtblenden für Sony a7 II / a7 III / a9

GGS Larmor GEN5 is a unique combination of a protective cover protecting the camera’s LCD display from damage and sun visor, enabling the preview images even in the most sunny day.

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Die GGS Larmor GEN5 is a unique set consisting of a protective cover that protects your camera’s LCD display from damage and a sunshade, allowing you to preview your photos even on the sunniest day.

The GGS Larmor GEN5 protective cover is made up of five layers of materials to provide the ultimate protection for the display against damage, scratches, impact and dirt.

  • The outer layer, using the latest discoveries in nanotechnology, minimises fingerprint marks, ensuring the cover’s clarity and comfort.
  • Japanese high hardness toughened optical glass forms the main protective element of the cover. Its parameters enable effective protection with a thickness of just 0.3 mm. The small dimensions and low weight also allow the cover to be used with cameras equipped with a movable display.
  • Metallrahmen
  • Der Metallrahmen bildet das Rückgrat der Abdeckung, erhöht die Festigkeit der Ecken erheblich und ermöglicht die Anbringung eines GGS-Sonnenschutzes.
  • A splinter protection layer protects the display and the user’s hands from glass shards in the event of the shield being broken.
  • A layer of highly adhesive silicone allows easy installation, without the need for any tools or adhesives.

The cover is compatible with the displays of Sony a7 II, a7S II, a7R II, a7 III, a9, a9 II. It does not limit the usable surface area of the screens and retains touch control functionality (if such functionality is offered by the camera).

The sunshade GGS NS-3243 enables use of the main display even on a very sunny day. The shadow it casts significantly improves the comfort of working with the camera’s display for such things as “live” image viewing, menu navigation. The lightweight, foldable design makes the accessory extremely handy and easy to transport, and the built-in magnets allow quick mounting and removal on Larmor GEN5 protective covers.


  • Konstruktion: 5 Schichten
  • Oberflächenhärte: 9H
  • Dicke der Glasschicht: 0,3 mm
  • Lichtdurchlässigkeit: größer als 95%
  • method of fitting the protective cover: silicone adhesive layer (adhesive-free fitting)
  • mounting system for sun visor: magnets integrated into the visor and compatible with GGS Larmor GEN5 sun visors
  • Farbe: schwarz


  • shields: Sony a7 II / a7S II / a7R II / a7R III / a7R IV / a7 III / a9 / a9 II
  • Sun shield: GGS Larmor GEN5 protective covers designed for cameras: Sony a7 II, a7S II, a7R II, a9, and RX1, RX10, RX100 series, Nikon D4, D4S, D5, D500, D600, D610, D750, D800, D800E, D810, D7100, D7200, Df

Inhalt des Kits

  • Schutz für den Hauptbildschirm der Kamera
  • Sun shield NS-3243
  • Ein getränktes Tuch zur Reinigung des Bildschirms vor der Montage

Zusätzliche Information

Größe 1 × 10 × 17 cm