ND-Filter variabel Commlite Fader - 77 mm

Fader ist eine Art neutraler Graufilter mit einstellbarer Dichte. Sie können die Dichte ändern, indem Sie die Vorderseite des Filterrings drehen, genau wie bei einem Polarisationsfilter.

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Die COMMLITE ND FADER is a full gray filter with smooth dimming capability over a range of 8 aperture divisions (NDx2-NDx400). The dimming is changed by turning the front ring of the filter. The filter design is two, high-performance polarisation-linear filters which, by turning against each other, change polarity. The result of this phenomenon is to cut off more or less of the light entering the lens.

The FADER type filter finds its use in landscape photography, eliminating overexposure, reducing unnecessary glare, improving contrast and colour saturation. In portrait and product photography, it allows you to use low apertures in strong light or with flashes.

Thanks to the properties of the COMMLITE ND FADER filter, there is no need to carry several grey filters with you and waste time changing them. This filter replaces several grey filters and changing parameters is no problem – just a flick of the finger!

The filter uses the highest quality optical glass. Its manufacturing process ensures high resolution and low loss of image quality. The filter does not deteriorate sharpness or change colours.

The outer thread of the filter is one size larger than the thread that is screwed onto the lens, so there is no risk of vignetting with most lenses. The filter is supplied in a practical case.


  • infinitely adjustable from NDx2 – NDx400
  • hochwertiges optisches Glas
  • building to minimise the risk of vignetting

Inhalt des Kits

  • Commlite Fader adjustable grey filter – 77 mm
  • Filter box
  • Decap for external filter thread

Zusätzliche Information

Größe 1 × 9 × 11 cm